SORRY - This super-nice 04 Yaffe/Klockwerks Chopper


Cuzorn, France for $17,000..!!

Paul Yaffe, and many other TOP NOTCH Components..!



You will see as you read this description, there were no shortcuts taken on this Custom Chopper. Only TOP QUALITY parts were used in the build! And.., it has a nice, clean and lean look to it too. Not pretentious and showy, just a VERY WELL built, great looking bike.


Per the request of the original owner, this bike is based on a Paul Yaffe Rigid Frame with 2" Stretch in the Backbone, 6" in the Down-Tubes and 40 degrees of Rake mated to Perse six degree Raked Triple Trees. The steering and handling is transmitted through 10 over Tubes which are mounted on HD Deuce Legs coupled with a Dakota Billet Flush Mount Axle. Other Paul Yaffe items include: Rear Fender, Gas Tank (stretched by Klock Werks), and the Oil Tank and Handlebars. (None of these parts were on the "cheap" side by the way..!)


Performance Machine parts include: Villain Wheels, Matching Villain Rotors and Belt Drive Sprocket, Rear Drive-side Brake Assembly, Front and Rear Calipers, Renthal Grips, and Foot Controls. You can probably imagine how much money was invested right there alone. Yes, it was a BUNCH..!


Because the owner wanted this bike to ride smooth with little or no vibration and actually be COMFORTABLE, he chose to go with a Brand New Genuine HD Twin Cam 88B and then installed a 95" Big Bore Kit and a Mikuni 44mm Carb. The Transmission is also a Brand New HD 5 Speed. The exhaust is handled by Super Trapp "Crack Pipes" which have a VERY nice sound - not too loud but quite "nasty" sounding. The Rear Fender/Strut Configuration was custom fabricated by the Klock Werks team in their shop. (The tank was extended per the owner's request and extends deep in the seating area.)


Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the Special Features on this Custom Chopper:

  • Paul Yaffe Frame - $4400
  • Paul Yaffe Rear Fender (with custom Rear Fender/Strut Configuration by Klock Werks - $700)
  • Paul Yaffe Gas Tank (custom stretched by Klock Werks) - $1400
  • Paul Yaffe Oil Tank - $600
  • Paul Yaffe "Chopper" Handlebars - $385
  • HD Twin Cam with 95" Big Bore Kit - $7500
  • HD 5 Speed Twin Cam Transmission - $1500
  • HD 44 mm Mikuni Carb - $250
  • HD Deuce Legs - $900
  • Performance Machine Renthal Grips - $100
  • Performance Machine Foot Controls - $900
  • Performance Machine Rear Inboard Brake Assembly - $1700
  • Performance Machine Villain Chrome 21" Front Wheel - $1100
  • Performance Machine Villain Chrome Rear Wheel (240) - $1200
  • Performance Machine Villain Matching Belt Drive Sprocket - $200
  • Performance Machine Villain Matching Rotors - $700
  • Performance Machine Calipers - $1000
  • Performance Machine Contour Hand Controls - $800
  • Primo 3-1/2" Belt Drive (Brute V) - $2500
  • Primo Rivera Centrifugal Clutch - $700
  • Bill Erickson Custom Flame Paint - $3500
  • "Patrick Built" Engine Work (Patrick Weidemeir) - $2000
  • Super Trapp "Crack Pipes" Exhaust - $870
  • Custom Mirror - $120
  • Danny Gray Custom Seat - $600
  • Perse 6 Degree Triple Trees - $700
  • Headwinds Headlight Shell with Lighting - $700
  • Wimmer Machine Intake - $415
  • Matching Front Fender Brace & Ignition Mount - $300
  • Dakota Billet Flush Mount Axle - $150
  • Metzeler Tires - $600

TOTAL COMPONENTS COST: $40,000+ (Approximate with Parts and Labor)


Note: This bike was designed and built to be driven, not to be a wallflower. As you can see after reading the above list, only top quality, top name brand, and dependable components were used. There are NO cheap parts used in the build process of this Custom Chopper. Also, only CHROMED billet parts were used - not just polished. That makes a HUGE difference in the initial cost of the parts used in the project. Using all chromed parts certainly adds to the overall appearance of the bike, but most of all, it creates a FAR easier process of cleaning. No RUBBING AND BUFFING involved like you have to do with "polished-only" billet components. That process is a nightmare - very time consuming, frustrating and expensive! All you do with this bike is just wash, dry, and use whatever "detail" product you prefer and this chopper looks like new again..!


Finally, with all the high-end components this bike has, it's a "no-brainer" that this is a great value. With it being listed for sale at only $18,950 with an initial investment of over $40,000, it's very obvious this is the way to buy a Chopper rather than build one. When you combine the components it has, the dependability of the Harley Davidson powertrain and the "looks", this is just simply a ton of bike for the money..!!


My Price: $17,950 (Just dropped $1000 - priced to sell fast..!!)

(Was $18,950)