SORRY - This super-nice 05 Pro One Chopper


Tinton Falls, New Jersey for $24,650..!!

Top Quality - Legend Air Ride - 6 Speed - Ton's of Chrome..!


05 Custom Chopper - Black with Cobalt Blue Flames


This Custom Chopper was built right..!! Only TOP QUALITY COMPONENTS!! And.., it is actually very comfortable and predictable to ride. With the Legend Air Ride Suspension, the comfortable seat and the softail frame, you can take this on a Poker Run OR a long trip and actually be able to get off the bike and still be able to walk..!!


With the Polished & Diamond Cut 113 "El Bruto" Ultima Engine putting out 125 RWHP and about 125 Ft. Lbs of torque, and the Baker Six Speed, this bike is set up perfect. Enough horsepower to "pull" you right off the seat if you aren't really hanging on and yet actually "ride-able". (Not just a trailer queen.) And it is truly like new yet. It only has about 800 miles on it..! Just enough to be properly broken in and any little bugs addressed that are inevitably present in any new Custom Chopper. (There is an original investment of about $42,000 in the building and engineering of this bike).


As you may or may not know, there are many Choppers out there that may look cool, but are "out of balance", uncomfortable, and poorly designed once you hop on and actually take them for a ride. Looks are VERY deceiving too. It is really tough to tell if a Custom Chopper is built with the correct "geometry" to truly ride properly. And.., if you get one that is set up wrong, it can be VERY dangerous to ride, simply because the suspension, rake, and overall set-up and design of the bike was not engineered properly and doesn't react correctly to your movements. So.., if you spend your hard earned money on a Custom Chopper and then can't even feel comfortable driving it, that really sucks, right..?? After all you're buying it to have fun RIDING it, not to stick it in the corner of your garage and look at it!


Well, this bike rides super nice..!! I have ridden this chopper on a 150 mile Poker Run on a VERY windy day and felt very comfortable and stable. And.., if you're really in to having some fun, I can tell you this, the faster you go the better it feels. It drives like it's on a "rail". Very stable at ANY speeds.


Now.., the best thing about this Chopper is the fact that EVERYTHING on the bike is Billet AND Chrome Plated. A very large percentage of custom bikes - even factory customs like Big Dogs, Ironhorse, etc., use many polished billet parts that ARE NOT chromed. (Wheels, forward controls, triple trees, billet hand controls, pulleys, headlights, and MANY other components.) They look real nice at first until they get some age, dirt or dust - or even air pollutants on them and then that polished aluminum starts getting VERY dull. Here's where the work comes in!!


When you start trying to clean the various components that are just polished, (not polished AND chromed), you find out very quickly what a job you have on your hands. You rub and rub and rub and get this wonderful "black" stuff on your rag and your hands, and it just keeps accumulating until it drives you nuts. And.., in the meantime the part you are trying to clean is still dull and not shining properly. So.., you keep changing rags.., and cleaning.., and rubbing.., and the nightmare goes on and on.....! WELCOME TO CLEANING BARE POLISHED BILLET ALUMINUM..!! It is a TON of work and very time consuming. And the first time you get caught in some rain or any other situation that causes the aluminum to get dull or spot again, you get to start the tedious process all over - it just never ends..!


This bike is NOT like that. If you would get caught in the rain, all you do is use wash it properly, and then use your favorite wax or polish and all of the components clean right up like a breeze and look perfect again..! However.., keep in mind there is a reason so many choppers DO NOT have all chromed components. BECAUSE IT COSTS WAY MORE TO BUY CHROMED BILLET PARTS!! So.., consequently to save money, many of the choppers you see are not built with chromed billet parts. Of course if you didn't know the difference you would have found out the hard way very quickly once you started cleaning it the first time..!! Believe me when I tell you, this is VERY good information to have.


Here is an abbreviated list of some of the major components on the bike.

  • 113" Ultima "El Bruto" Engine (Diamond Cut and Polished with about 125 RW Horsepower and Torque) - $7800
  • Baker 6 Speed with Chrome PM Cover - $4000
  • Custom One-off CAD Billet Chrome Wheels (18 Rear / 21 Front) - $3500
  • Custom One-off CAD Billet Chrome Belt Drive - $400
  • Custom Matching Chrome Rotors - $550
  • PM 4 Piston Caliper (Front) - $450
  • PM 4 Piston Caliper (Rear) - $500
  • Avon Venom-R 25-/40R-18 Tire (Rear) - $250
  • Avon Venom X MN90-21 Tire (Front) - $100
  • Polished BDL Belt Drive with One-off Custom Matched Covers - $2800
  • Custom Built Softail Frame - $4000
  • Custom Built Handlebars - $500
  • Custom Paint (Cobalt Blue Flames on Black Base) - $3000
  • Complete Billet Chrome Front End (Miscellaneous Components) -$2800
  • Chrome Billet Headlamp Shell - $390
  • Jewel Reflector Optics W/ Tri Bar & HI Bulb - $90
  • Chrome Billet Shifter Rod - $200
  • All Chrome Hex Head Bolts on Bike - $260
  • Custom "Impression" Seat (by Bitchin' Seats) - $400
  • Chrome Billet Forward Controls - $1000
  • PM Contour Clutch and Brake Hand Controls - $1050
  • PM Hand Grips - $190
  • Front Fender - $400
  • Rear Fender (with hidden struts) - $650
  • Custom Gas Tank - $500
  • Odyssey Extreme AGM Battery - $170
  • LED Chrome License Plate Bracket - $300
  • Polished S&S Shorty G 2 1/6" Carburetor - $590
  • Chrome Heavy Breather Air Intake - $250
  • K&N Air Filter - $80
  • "Flame Tails" Air Intake Cover - $140
  • Custom Chromed Exhaust - $700

Note #1: The above list is by no means all inclusive - in other words, I only listed the major components - there are MANY additional parts and accessories on this bike that I did not itemize, simply because it would take too much time and space.


Note #2: This has been MY PERSONAL BIKE, so I know the bike well. It is definitely ready to ride and enjoy. It may look like a "trailer queen", but you can hop on this bike and truly have fun riding it! I am 58 years old and have three collapsed discs in my back and if I ride anything that is not comfortable, my back hurts like HELL afterwards, and this bike does not do that to me at all. The seat is comfortable as I mentioned above and with the Softail Frame, and the Legend Air Ride Suspension that you can adjust to your body type and weight, it rides very nice and predictable with plenty of suspension travel.


Finally, I know there are lots of Choppers out there for sale, and some of them look like "great deals". All I can say is, just because they "look nice" does not mean they RIDE NICE..!! Well, this one looks great AND rides great..!! One word of advice learned the hard way..., you better be able to get some history with the bike or be able to talk the owner IN PERSON, otherwise you don't know what you might end up with. In fact, you could very well be getting a "nightmare"..!!


Remember, "custom" doesn't necessarily mean BUILT RIGHT, it simply means "one of a kind", and that doesn't guarantee you anything, in fact many times it means "trouble"..!! THIS is a well-built, great riding bike that I can personally attest to and I know it is ready for you to head out with your buddies and/or a solo ride and have a FUN TIME..!!


MY PRICE: $24,650 (Priced to sell FAST!!)

- at about half of what it cost to build..!!



ALREADY SOLD TO!!:  Tinton Falls, New Jersey

SOLD FOR: $24,650.00