SORRY - This super-nice 05 Twisted Chopper


Rapid City, South Dakota..!!


 2005 Twisted Choppers Custom


Here is a bike that definitely sets itself apart from the crowd..!  It is from the guys at Twisted Choppers, (winner of TLC’s Biker Build-Off fame between them and Detroit Brothers in 06), and has been on display in their booth at Sturgis, Daytona, Hot Harley Nights and numerous other Rally sites and bike meets.   It doesn’t have the seemingly obligatory “300” rear tire, wide “cobra like” gas tank, tons of high maintenance polished billet and acres of chrome, and many other appearance cues that it seems like all the custom choppers have these days. 


What is DOES have though is a TON of individuality and attitude..!  It pretty much snubs its nose at the typical chopper out there on the streets and kicks back to the good old days when the guys took what they had and made it into a stripped down bike to simply make it the lightest and quickest.  (After all, that was what the original chopper was about). 


To get this cool ride, trick paint by Justin Barnes/JB Grafix of American Chopper/OCC fame, was applied over the hand fabricated sheet metal, frame and custom components by Twisted.   Throw in super cool items like the gas tank with a “drilled and spiked chrome rod” perched menacingly on it’s back, a “spiked curl” on the frame just forward of the seat and “dual spiked curls” on the upper portion of the Roadmax Springer front end and the “drilled” scheme integrated into many of the other components and you definitely have a chopper that makes a real statement..!


Obviously when you start looking close at the bike, you will see a whole lot more unique items like the oil reservoir with copper tubing, the Winged Model T Radiator Style cap, hand-tooled custom seat by Rich Phillips Leather and many more items too numerous to mention.


Just take some time and look at the pics for this retro/old skool, yet edgy and hip chopper, and you will see all the unique items that the Twisted Boys created and combined to make the bike the special motorcycle it is.


Your buddies will think this bike is COOL!!  And.., you will have a ton of fun riding it.  Incidentally it rides very nice and with its light weight, is snappy and responsive.  Also, don’t be surprised when you see flames shooting from the exhaust.  The first time it happened to me, it was in the daytime and I was impressed then.  Wait ‘till you ride it after dark..!  Very trick!!


Incidentally, if it was cool enough to be the Cover Bike/Centerfold Feature of Cycle Source Magazine in 2006, you think there is something special about it?  Be different.  Defy the crowd..!!  Get your buddies envious and talking about you..!  They will be wishing they had the seen it before you did..!  Snap it up before someone else does!


Here is a partial list of the SOME of the features on this very cool bike…


Features :

-          All sheet metal, frame and custom components hand fabricated by Twisted Choppers

-          Paint done by Justin Barnes/JB Grafix of American Chopper/OCC fame

-          Cover Bike/Centerfold Feature – Cycle Source Magazine 2006

-          Less than 3,000 miles on motorcycle


Components :

-          Engine – RevTech 110 – 3,000 miles approximately –

-          Transmission – RevTech 6 speed – covered by 5/50 warranty

-          Belt Drive – Roadmax 3” open belt drive/customized by Twisted Choppers

-          Frame – Twisted Choppers custom 2 up 1 out 40 rake/custom powder-coated

-          Wheels – DNA 60 spoke front/rear powder-coated black 21 front, 18 x 5.5 rear

-          Tires – Metzeler ME880 21-90/90 front, 18-200 rear

-          Front Suspension – Roadmax Springer/customized by Twisted Choppers/custom powder-coat

-          Gas Tank/Oil Tank – Twisted Choppers Custom

-          Gas Cap – Winged Model T Radiator cap style

-          Handlebars – Twisted Choppers Custom

-          Brakes – front and rear GMA F Calipers with Drag Specialties Rotors

-          Hand Controls – Billet Concepts pistol grip levers/customized by Twisted Choppers

-          Foot Controls – Twisted Choppers Machine Gun controls, GMA master cylinder

-          Internal Throttle – Exile

-          Rear Fender – Twisted Choppers

-          Taillight – Sparto

-          Seat – Custom Twisted Choppers hand tooled by Rich Phillips Leather

-          Battery – Thunderstart

-          Electronics – Spyke charging system, RevTech ignition, Crane coil

-          Grips – Knucklehead replica rubber

-          Headlight – Drag Specialties classic/custom mounting bracket by Twisted Choppers




(about half of the original