SORRY - This super-nice 06 Custom Bobber


New Market, MN..!!

Very cool retro Bobber...Great Components...!!



If you are into Bobbers, this is a SWEET ONE..!! It has a very unique combination of parts and components integrated into the build.


One of the most unique choices has just got to start with the frame. I'm sure you noticed it is ALL CHROME..!! (You don't see that very often on a custom bike!)


Plus it has a LOT of S&S Components which in general, should translate into many years of reliability. There are many other top quality component builders as well, such as Performance Machine, Twin Tech, BDL, CCI, Paughco, Avon, Dakota Digital, Noligy, Joker Machine and more... These are all considered to be some of the best aftermarket builders of Custom Motorcycle Components. There was just a lot of creativity into choosing the variety of components. For example, the S&S Knucklehead Engine. Great classic choice of both design and esthetics!


Also, the use of Brass touches here and throughout the bike adds a unique look as well. And, of course the "suicide/jockey" shifter - how cool is that..??!! Oh, and don't forget the transmission with the manual kick starter. (It does have an electrical starter as well.)


I don't need to go and on. I think you get it. Either you are going to love this cool Bobber if you are a fan, or it simply won't interest you.


So.., if you love em', take some extra time and look over all the photos of the bike very closely. It really is a very unique one..!!


And then, if you want to add it to your "stable", call and we can make a deal. Trust me, you will be the envy of your buds when you pull up on this puppy on the next "bike night". First question will be, "Where did you get that..??!!"


Of course you can lie to them, and tell them you had been building it "in hiding" (how do they know for sure), for the last couple years OR tell them you found it for sale online and just liked it so much, you had to have it..! Hell, either way, you're a winner..!! Bottom line is, if you like it, jump on it - you know what it would cost to build it. (The original owner had well over $30,000 invested.)


Look forward to hearing from you! Let's make a deal..!!


Here is general list of the Custom "one-off" and aftermarket Components on this cool Bobber...

  • Engine: 05 S&S "Knuckle" 93 Cu. In. (all components)
  • Transmission: 05 RevTech 5 Speed
  • Air Cleaner: Goodson/Pico's Garage
  • Ignition: Twin Tech
  • Exhaust: Custom one-off - Pico's Garage
  • Clutch: BDL
  • Primary Drive: BDL/Pico's Garage
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Frame: 05 Paughco Rigid
  • Frame Rake: 34 Degrees
  • Suspenson: CCI
  • Front Wheel: Pico's Garage/21" 40 Spoke
  • Front Tire: Avon 21"
  • Rear Wheel: Pico's Garage/16"
  • Rear Tire: Avon 16" - 150
  • Front Calipers: Performance Machine
  • Front Rotors: Performance Machine
  • Rear Calipers: Exile
  • Rear Rotors: Exile
  • Paint & Graphics: Byron Dose
  • Chrome Plating: Dirty Joes
  • Polishing: Dirty Joes
  • Powdercoating: T&C Powdercoating
  • Rear Fender: Pico's Garage
  • Gas Tank & Caps: Pico's Garage
  • Oil Tank: Pico's Garage
  • Gauges: Dakota Digital
  • Handle Bars: Pico's Garage
  • Hand Controls: Joker Machine
  • Foot Controls: Pico's Garage
  • Foot Pegs: RMD/Pico's Garage
  • Headlight: Drag Specialties
  • Tail Light: Tedd Cycle
  • License Mount: Pico's Garage
  • Coil: Noligy
  • Starter: Spyke

Call me and let's figure out a way to get this in YOUR garage..!!


MY PRICE: $14,950 (Cheap at twice the price...)