SORRY - This super-nice 06 "Give A Damn" Chopper


Sioux Falls, South Dakota for $12,450..!!

Exquisite Air Brush Work/Hand Laid Gold & Silver Foil - Super Nice..!!



This is a bike that definitely sets itself apart from the crowd..! It was built by a Custom Bike Builder out of Southern Florida that does one-off builds and picks a "particular theme" that represents a way of life or state of mind upon which to pattern the bike.


The "theme" and paint scheme on this bike is called "My Give A Damn is Busted". The concept and inspiration of the bike came from the song with the same title that was written and performed by Jo Dee Messina, the well known Country/Western singer. The song was a substantial hit for Jo Dee a few years ago. It still gets a LOT of airplay today and is a favorite among many Country Music fans.


There is an enormous amount of Custom Air Brush Paint work on this bike and also a lot of hand laid Gold and Silver foil within the paint scheme. I would hate to guess the hours involved in the paint work of this motorcycle. (The cost of paint work alone is in the neighborhood of $7000.) It also has a complete Chrome Springer Front End and an S&S Engine with Dual Plug Retro Pan Revtech Heads, with MANY custom one-off parts that have been hand machined and built. There is approximately $40,000 in the original build cost of this bike.


Some of the other very unique items are the hand tooled Leather Retro 50's style Leather Seat, hand built Pan Head Timer Cover and numerous other components that are very original.


This bike took FIRST place and Judges Choice in the Custom Bike Class at Hot Harley Nights in Sioux Falls, SD in the summer of 2009. Hot Harley Nights™ is a huge three-day event that draws people from all over the United States and Canada. One year, they even had participants from Norway! Over $1.3 million dollars has been raised, and hundreds of wishes have been granted to children with life threatening diseases. In 2009, the year this bike won the trophies in the bike show, nearly 1,600 people registered for the casino run and 4,500 riders participated in a parade that stretched 6.7 miles through Sioux Falls, past hundreds of people waving American flags. After the parade, nearly 40,000 people converged at Falls Park West to enjoy live music, a bike show, food vendors, a silent auction. (So.., as you can see, the bike had some stiff competition.)


Whether you like motorcycles or not, doesn't even matter - you will still think this bike is "way" cool!! This is the first custom bike I have owned that virtually everybody that sees it, can't seem to stop admiring it and it doesn't matter whether they are young or old, motorcycle lovers or not - they all think it is extremely unique. Even other "custom painters" are very impressed with the incredible air brush work, and hand laid foil design in the pant work on the bike. Of course the seat is really unique too, with the hand tooled horses outline and the design and shape. (And.., by the way, this seat is very comfortable, even though it doesn't look like it.)


Even though the bike has a rigid frame, (what else would you expect with a bike that is built to look like a "retro pan"...), the seat springs actually give the bike a very comfortable ride. I was VERY impressed..!


Since nearly everything on this bike is custom built, I am not going to attempt to list and itemize all the parts on the bike, simply because too many of them are hand fabricated for this bike only and there is no real way to track that cost.


However, here is a very short list of the Main Features of the bike...

  • "Retro" Design Theme built to look like an old Pan-Head bike
  • Custom Paint (very exquisite Air Brush with 24 Karat Gold Inlay)
  • S&S 100" Super Stock/Pandemonium Dual Plug Heads (polished)
  • Exhaust is Custom Made and Ceramic Coated
  • Oil Filter is hidden to look like the Generator
  • Pan Sides were machined and fitted to the Rev Tech Cases and Wired to look "functional "
  • Chrome Springer Front End with a 21" front Wheel and a "200" Rear Wheel
  • Custom Hand Built Front and Rear Turn Signals
  • Hand Tooled Leather Custom Spring Seat
  • Kuryakyn ISO Grips with Throttle Boss
  • All Chrome Switch Controls
  • Beach Bar Handle Bars
  • Chrome Master Cylinders
  • Choppers Inc "Six Gun" Chrome Forward Controls
  • DaVinci FirePower Chrome S&S Shorty G Carb
  • Chrome Rotors and Calipers
  • Retro Style Horn
  • And much, much more...

If you happen to be a JoDee Messina and/or Country Music fan, well, then that's just a huge bonus - if not, it doesn't matter anyway, since the bike is so unique it garners praise and appreciation from EVERYONE anyway, just because of the artistic quality, paint work and retro components and engineering..!! (By the way, did you know that you can even start it with the Foot Kick Starter if you really want to - yes, it has electric start too.)


So.., if you are looking for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT custom bike, this certainly fits that description. I guarantee you this! It is pretty much impossible to take this bike anywhere without people just staring at it and continuously looking at all the Air Brush Work and the other one-off VERY unique components on the bike.


Incidentally, if you want to take it to a bike show - be prepared - you will probably blow the competition away..!! It just stands out that much in the sea of custom bikes at a show and both the judges and the general public love it..!


MY PRICE: $19,950 

JUST REDUCED PRICE $2000 from $21,950!






NOW - $12,450! (Save $7,500..!!)



(This truly is a steal on this bike...)