SORRY - This super-nice 05 Klock Werks Chopper


Sydney, Australia for $18,950..!!

Super Nice Bike - S&S 40th Anniversary Numbered Engine - 250 of only 400 Built..!!

 06 Klock Werks Custom "Ruby Tuesday"


This bike is a very cool "custom build" by Klock Werks, a nationally known builder out of Mitchell, South Dakota. It has been featured in "V-Twin" magazine, (I scanned the pictures from the magazine layout and included them in the photo section), and has been on display at Klock Werks booth at major Bike Rallies such as Sturgis, Daytona Beach, and many other locations.


It was commissioned "Ruby Tuesday" by Klock Werks and the owner, (who was a personal friend of Brian Klock), based on some interesting information. Through a series of events, Brian Klock had a lead on an S&S 40th Anniversary 110 SE Engine with a great pedigree...it was No. 250 of only 400 built..! So..,the owner purchased the 110 Cubic Inch rare find from Brian and with a new Baker 6 Speed, the directive was given to Brian: "Call me when it's done." So.., with the preference of the owner in mind and the freedom to build the bike as he saw fit, this "slammin sled" you see here is the result.


I wanted to get some background information on the S&S Numbered Engine, so I talked to Dean Young on the phone, a representative of S&S Cycle at Viola, Wisconsin where the factory is located. Here is what he told me about the engine: They had Specially Flowed Heads, (he said the best they ever sold and no longer available because of newer EPA regulations), 10.61 Compression Rating, 4 Inch Bore, 4 3/8 Stroke, 630 Lift Cam, 640 Lift Triple Springs, 52mm S&S Super G Carb, and 120 RW Horsepower with 125 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. They were available only through their Dealer Network and the 400 engines were allocated to the Dealers via a Lottery System. (Cost was about $9000, and the engines sold out before the Catalogues even arrived at the Dealers.) So.., needless to say, this is a SPECIAL engine..!


It's a great thing to have something as rare as a limited run engine with a good serial number to base a project on, but with Brian's notoriety, even he got some help he wasn't expecting. For starters, the crew at Auto Meter contacted Klock Werks to get involved with Brian's design expertise, and as you'll see in the photos, a special dash was built for this bike with the new Auto Meter Speedo set nicely on the fuel tank.


Sure, that's cool, but we all know that an eye-grabbing paint job is what really gathers the attention every time. After being chatted up by the fine folks at PPG Paint, Brian had the first run of the brand-new 4-stage paint system that was so new, the local PPG dealers didn't even have the color codes in stock yet.


The color, Brilliant Ruby Red came from the theme of the 40th Anniversary S&S Mill. As you may or may not know, Ruby is traditionally the gemstone used to celebrate a 40th Anniversary and after all of the events that led up to the creation of this bike, it just seemed to fit..!


There are a multitude of custom fabrication and additional high end components on this bike including: Stretched Tank, Custom Dash, Molded Frame, Farmer Bars, PPG 4-Step Custom Paint, Performance Machine Handlebars Grips and Brakes, Bassani Exhaust, Danny Gray Custom Seat, EMS Shocks, Wernimont Fenders and Taillight, Paul Yaffe Original Grips, Fat Bastard Forks, and Colorado Custom Wheels. When you combine those items with the 40th Anniversary S&S 110 (Numbered) Engine, the Baker 6 Speed, a Custom Viper Headlight, the Auto Meter Speedo, and the outstanding paint, this is just a VERY cool one-of-a-kind Klock Werks Custom you can have a ton of fun riding and/or showing.


Here is a partial list of the information and components regarding this bike...

  • Designer: Brian Klock
  • Fabrication: Klock Werks
  • Model: Wide Body
  • Ignition: Twin Tech
  • Chroming: J&D Plating
  • Engine: 1998 S&S 110 Special Edition 40th Anniversary (#250 of 400 built)
  • Carburation: S&S Super G
  • Air Cleaner: S&S High Flow
  • Exhaust: Bassani (North Country Customs)
  • Transmission: Baker 6 Speed
  • Paint: James Mayor (Klock Werks)
  • Paint Color: Ruby Red
  • Paint Type: PPG
  • Frame: Klock Werks Wide Body
  • Frame Rake: 38 Degrees
  • Frame Stretch: 2 Inches
  • Shocks: EMS
  • Handlebars: Klock Werks Farmer Bars
  • Handlebar Controls: Performance Machine
  • Fenders: Wernimont/Klock Werks
  • Headlight: Dodge Viper (Custom)
  • Taillight: Wernimont
  • Speedo: Autometer
  • Pegs: Performance Machine
  • Gas Tank: Klock Werks
  • Oil Tank: Klock Werks
  • Primary Cover: Chrome
  • Seat: Danny Gray
  • Grips: Paul Yaffe Originals
  • Forks: Fat Bastard
  • Fork Extension: 2 Inches
  • Fork Builder: Klock Werks
  • Front Wheel: Colorado Custom (21 Inch)
  • Rear Wheel: Colorado Custom (18 Inch)
  • Front Tire: Metzeler
  • Rear Tire: Metzeler
  • Brakes: Performance Machine

Note: You are saving about $19,000 from what the original owner had invested in the bike..! Now.., that's the way to have your own custom - at a fraction of what it would cost to build it..! Not to mention the fact, that if you had this bike commissioned and built by Klock Werks today, (as well-known and nationally recognized as they are now), you would undoubtedly pay way more than the original owner since they were personal friends, not to mention all the time you and Klock Werks would have invested in the build process. Needless to say, this is a deal..!!






Note: May also consider quality Muscle Car on trade...


My NEW Price: $18,950 (Priced to Sell Now!)


(Roughly 1/2 of the original build price and the bike is in



Already Sold To: Sydney, Australia

Sold For: $18,950