SORRY - This super-nice 06 Paul Yaffee Original Chopper


Woodbine, Iowa..!!

$85,000 Original Purchase Price - Famous Charity Bike..!!


This bike is ONE SWEET RIDE..!!

This is a REAL "one-off" PAUL YAFFE CUSTOM BUILT PRO STREET CHOPPER (PYO Original)..! Not a bike that has some Yaffe Components bolted on from a catalog, but a SUPER NICE "one-off" Pro Street Custom that was entirely built by Paul Yaffe specifically for the Children's Ride 11 motorcycle fundraising event for the Children's Hospital of Seattle, WA., in June of 2006.


This was the 11th Year of the event and was consequently called the "Children's Ride 11". After Paul Yaffe built this tricked out Pro Street Chopper specifically for the Children's Ride 11, it was purchased at the Charity Auction by a well known and respected businessman that had been operating in the upper northwest for many years. He had long been a major participant in the Children's Ride and V-Twin Gala and Auction. His winning bid for the bike was $85,000..!!

This (PYO Original) Paul Yaffe Pro Street Chopper positively has ONLY top notch components throughout the entire build. From the TP Pro Series Diamond Cut and Fully Polished 124" Engine, the Rivera Polished Intake, the Mikuni 44mm Polished Carb, the Performance Machine Right Side Drive W/Integrated Brake, the Performance Machine Six Speed Transmission, the Perse Triple Trees, the Performance Machine Hand Controls, Foot Controls, and PM Renthal Grips, to the Primo Brute Force 3 1/2" Belt Drive, the Legend Air Ride, the 300 Rear Tire mounted on ONE-OFF Billet Polished AND Chrome Wheels to the Mike Learn Paint Job, the HIGH DOLLAR list of components just never ends! And, to top it off, it only has about 500 miles on it, so it is essentially like new yet..!!


And.., here is the thing that is so cool about this Chopper. I have owned and/or ridden and sold MANY Custom Choppers through the years, and most, (if not nearly all of them), DO NOT ride well. They may LOOK GREAT, but are just inherently uncomfortable to ride and really only good for short hops around town or on a local Poker Run where you might typically ride about 30 miles between stops. THIS BIKE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT..!! When I got on this bike and took it on a thorough test ride, I was AMAZED how nice it rode! The seat sits very comfortable, the positioning of the foot pegs and foot controls are perfectly placed, the handle bar configuration is ergonomically correct, the balance of the bike is very well engineered, and the Air Suspension has a very nice "flex", and is not choppy or rough on the back. It is very predictable and easy to ride. And, for the record, is EXTREMELY fast..!! You have to be PAYING ATTENTION when you ride this Chopper or you will be at 120 mph in a heartbeat, and you won't know it either, because it is so stable at high speeds..!! (I would hate to even guess what top end would be, but I can guarantee you it is WAY faster than I would ever want to ride..!!)


Yet, even with all that power and torque, this bike is just plain comfortable and FUN to ride. I distinctly recall thinking to myself, that I could ride this bike on a LONG trip and be comfortable. Now, keep in mind, I am over 60 years old and have a bad back. In other words, most Choppers are fun for about 5 miles for me and I am ready to GET OFF..!! Not this one! I do believe I could ride this bike on a 300 mile trip and be just fine. (That's about as long as my back will stand on even a Touring Style Harley Davidson.) So.., in other words, I believe this bike rides just as good as any typical Harley, and in my opinion, WAY BETTER, than lot's of them.


This bike was in storage for about a year before I received it, so I had a VERY thorough inspection done on the bike at a local Custom Bike Shop where I do all of my mechanical and fabrication work (they can do ANYTHING, and are very experienced). They made sure everything is working properly and the bike is safe to ride and enjoy. So.., it is READY TO ROCK AND ROLL..!!


This super nice (PYO Original) Pro Street Chopper is still listed on Michael Lichter's website (the world renowned photographer), who photographed it at the Charity Auction along with himself, the new owner, and Paul Yaffe all grouped together by the Chopper. It is also still on Paul Yaffe's website, so even though it has been 7 years since it was sold at the Charity Auction in Washington, it is considered a motorcycle of significant importance and remembered as such.


Note #1:This is an opportunity to pick up a VERY HIGH DOLLAR (PYO Original) at just a FRACTION of what it originally cost. You couldn't have this built by ANYBODY, let alone Paul Yaffe for TWICE the amount I have it priced at today.!! Just the cost of the Components alone are more than what I have the ENTIRE bike priced at..!! This truly is a chance to own not only a famous bike.., but one that is CUSTOM BUILT by one of the most RESPECTED BUILDERS in the industry with essentially the BEST COMPONENTS available.


Note #2: Remember.., this bike originally sold for a documented $85,000..!! (I realize it was a Charity Event, but I guarantee Paul Yaffe would not have sold this to anyone privately for less than $65,000, so no matter how you decide to view it, this (PYO Original) Pro Street Chopper is a ONE-OF-A-KIND..!!


MY PRICE: $24,950

(Plain and Simple - THIS IS A BARGAIN..!!)