SORRY - This super-nice 10 Outlaw Customs

Pro Street Chopper


Fremont, California...

$55,000 Investment..26" Front Wheel...Very  Unique..!!



This is a custom fabricated Pro Street built by Outlaw Customs of Pipestone, Minnesota who is very well known for EXTREMELY nice one-off custom motorcycles. (Outlaw Customs has won many awards nationwide.)


They were commissioned by a local businessman to build this bike. They spared no expense and the level of detail is outstanding. What is really unique is the long stretched look with the 26" Front Wheel & Mini Rotor Brake setup that allow you to see through the Wheel from both sides. It only has about 3200 Actual Miles.


There is a hidden Paint Scheme within the Candy Paint that you don't even see until you are up close with the sun shining directly on the paint. Once you are in the direct sunlight, you will then be able to see the "ghost" painting that mimics the same design of the Front and Rear Wheel patterns as well as the Front Down Tube. (This theme is carried throughout the bike in other areas as well).


The Open Belt Drive is also etched to match the etching pattern on the Engine Components. The Timer Cover is also hand engraved, as you will see in the photos.


Also, take note that all the Electrical and Hydraulic Lines are painstakingly hidden within either the handle bars or some other frame components.


To really appreciate the level of detail on this bike, you literally have to spend a significant amount of time, just being up close and studying it, since just a quick "once-over viewing" will miss numerous points of fabrication and engineering details that really show the time that was spent designing and building this Pro Street Custom. It really is extremely well put together.


This bike has won many local and national shows. It is simply a work of art. In fact it was transported to many shows as a showcase example of the superb craftsmanship, original fabrication ideas, and level of quality that Outlaw Customs is capable of doing.

  • Engine: 120" S&S Heads w/ HD Evo Bottom End
  • Transmission: Baker 6 speed Transmission
  • Rear Suspension: Single Side Swing Arm
  • Rear Air Suspension: Platinum Air Ride
  • Front Wheel: Outlaw Customs 26" Custom
  • Rear Wheel: Outlaw Customs 18" Custom
  • Front Fender: Fat Katz/Outlaw Customs
  • Rear Fender: Outlaw Customs
  • Rear Tire: 300mm
  • Rear Brake: Baker Trans Brake Setup
  • Front Brake: Mini Rotor by Outlaw Customs
  • Open primary: Outlaw Customs
  • License Mount: Klock Werks
  • Electrical & Hydraulic: all hidden
  • All Components: Billet Chromed for easy maintenance
  • Speedo/Tach: Wire Plus Digital Read Out Speedo/Tach Display
  • Foot Controls & Pegs: Eddie Trotta
  • Paint/Grahics: Graphx Custom Painting
  • Seat: Outlaw Customs/Mark Milbrandt
  • And much more too numerous to list...

Note #1: The original build cost of this extremely nice Pro Street Custom was approximately $55,000. And, if you have ever built or commissioned a bike of this caliber, you will be able to easily see why the cost was in that vicinity.


Note #2: The gentleman that had it built now has two small children and rarely has time to ride it, so I am marketing it for him. He will REALLY miss it but has now entered another stage in his life, that no longer has time left for his motorcycle "baby", since his new "babies" have trumped the Pro Street in the time category. So, it needs a new home where it can be ridden and appreciated. Incidentally, he expressed to me in great DETAIL about what a great riding bike this is - it is not a "trailer queen", it was built to be ridden and enjoyed, and it truly is a very comfortable bike to ride.


This is an opportunity for you to obtain a superbly built, engineered and designed VERY original Pro Street at only a fraction of the original cost.


MY PRICE: $29,950

 (This is saving you $26,000 from the original build cost, plus you didn't have to wait a year for it to be built. This truly is a bargain on this Pro Street Chopper.)