$42,000 Investment..Arlen Ness Custom...Unique..!!

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99 Arlen Ness Custom Chopper


This one of the last Full Custom Choppers that Arlen Ness personally built in this particular style.


Here is some fascinating history on this motorcycle. (This information is according to the current owner of the bike.) Note: This bike is a consignment.


In 2000, when the Millenium Series came out, there were some 1999 frames left over and Arlen Ness built six of them for the 2001 Daytona Beach Bike Week. This Arlen Ness Custom Chopper was first sold to a Dentist in Memphis, TN. Ultimately the Dentist sold it to a gentlemen in Memphis as a "show bike" and it had a custom turntable that had been built specifically for it to be presented in the show circuit.


The current owner that bought it from him, did not want the turntable, because he had no use for it, since he was going to ride it on occasion, and not just "show it". (He told me the owner was quite upset at him for not buying the turn table because he said, "This bike was designed to be a show bike".)


Arlen Ness signed the rims under the front brake caliper, under the rear drive, and under one of the motor covers, and the original transmission. For reasons unknown to me, the transmission and the drive housing have since been replaced.


A complete "ready for sale service" was done in 2014, and there have been less than 10 miles put on the bike since that time. (I will include a copy of that receipt in the photo package.) It has, however, not had an additional inspection done since then, because it has just been in storage all this time.


As you can see it has the mythical Irish Leprechaun theme going on with the entire paint scheme. It also has the Irish 4-Leaf Clover scene on the side of the gas tank as well. You can also notice it has many different locations that have substantial Ghost Flame Air Brushing added. This is a very detailed and time consuming professional paint job on this super nice Arlen Ness Chopper.


You will also see when you closely look at the detailed photos that MOST ALL of the components of the bike are genuine Arlen Ness Components that he builds and markets through his parts distribution business. (These are not generic, off the shelf items, from various manufacturers.)


The other very unique thing is the fact the vast majority of the parts are fully chromed, rather than just polished billet parts. This is a much more expensive process and vastly increases the value of the motorcyle from both a new and resale perspective.


And the most obvious advantage to you, is the fact that you don't have to keep polishing all those areas like you do billet parts with no chrome finishing. (Just simply wash the paint and chrome, dry, and then use your favorite detail product on the bike.) No arm and back breaking "pain in the butt" continuous polishing until your hands and fingers are sore. You also won't have the numerous "black stained" rags laying around from all the polishing either. Far more easy and simple cleaning!


Note: All the components that have the letter "A" somewhere on the part are genuine Arlen Ness Parts. There are some others as well that don't have the "A" letter that are still his part included in this list as well. (These were all built within his company.)


Here is a list of genuine Arlen Ness Components that have been used on this bike.
  • Chrome Shifter Rod
  • Chrome Rear Shocks
  • Chrome Rear Wheel
  • Chrome Rear Belt Drive
  • Chrome Rear Brake Rotors
  • Chrome Rear Brake Calipers
  • Chrome Rear Fender Supports
  • Rear Painted Suspension Swing Arm
  • Chrome Triple Tree with Engraving
  • Chrome Derby Cover Inspection Cover
  • Chrome Cylinder Heads with Engraving
  • Chrome Bullitt Headlight with Engraving
  • Chrome Transmission Case with Engraving
  • Chrome Entire Derby Cover with Engraving
  • Chrome Matching Hand Grips, Foot Pegs and Controls
  • Chrome Ignition Cover & Inspection Plate w/Engraving

And here is a short list of Custom and Mechanical Features on this Chopper.

  • Digital Speedometer
  • Polished Shorty E Carb
  • Custom Billet Large Gas Cap
  • Custom Gas Tank with Custom Paint
  • Complete Chrome Extended Fork Front End
  • S&S Engine, (88), with Polished Arlen Ness Heads
  • Custom Leprechaun and 4-Leaf Clover Paint Job
  • Chrome Rotors and Calipers on front and back of bike
  • Matching Wheels and Rotors on Front and Back of Bike
  • Plus many more items too numerous to mention...


Finally, there was in excess of $42,000,(approximate, including parts and labor), invested in this bike.


MY PRICE: $13,950 (Priced to sell quickly...)