SORRY - This super-nice truck has ALREADY SOLD to:

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for $21,000..!!

Air Suspension, Killer Sound System, 22" Wheels, SUPER SHARP!!

03 GMC Sierra (Customized) W/ Air Ride Suspension


What can I say about this tricked out truck? The guys that waved their magic wand on this cool ride did a SUPER NICE job! For starters, let's talk about the obvious - and what you see first.., the exterior.!! One of the first things that really grabs your attention is the set of 22"/9.5" Sporza Estrada wheels, wrapped with Kumho Ecsta STX 265/35 R-22 tires. (About $2500 for wheels and tires.)  I think the combination really sets the perfect tone for the way the rest of this truck has been customized..!


Then check out the Billet Grille, (about $200), the steel Cowl Hood (about $500), and the special Headlights with Florescent Tubes (about $225), that glow in low light, and you definitely start seeing why this truck looks so great..!


Of course, what obviously really kicks butt is the super nice Custom Paint Job. (About $10,000 invested in customizing, bodywork, installation of solenoid switch conversion system and paint.) The very tasteful, but not overdone, two-tone Black and Brilliant Red color combination along with the really cool muted flames graphic on the rear of the box certainly give this Sierra a look unlike any stock truck running around out there. When you are looking at the pics, check out the way cool Cadillac "frenched in" rear tail lights. Don't they fit the lines of the truck perfectly..? The subtle Grey "divider" line running horizontally between the two colors, blends and accents the flamed graphic area very nicely too. Plain and simple, this baby stands out!!


Now here is the really fun part!! As you can obviously see in the pictures, this truck has air suspension (about $9,000), and it is by Air Ride Technologies (arguably the best money can buy)!! How cool is that? You can go from "slammed to the ground" to normal driving clearance with a quick touch of the control panel switch conveniently located on the dash. Oh, and by the way, did I mention the fact that it also has "shaved" doors with no exterior door handles? You hardly noticed, right? Very possibly because so many of the trick changes that have been done to this truck flow so well, you really don't notice them until they are pointed out to you..!! Anyway, yes it has "solenoid doors"..! (With remote control.) Also, take note of the tailgate. No exterior latch!! And then of course it also has the rear integrated roll pan that really looks great. Also take note of the door jambs in the pictures and you will see how the "horizontal divider line" continues right on inside the doors. Very nice extra detail point by the custom painter..!


Now, let's talk about the interior. First of all, you can see the both front and rear leather seats and door panels have matching suede Red leather inserts custom installed to match the color scheme of the truck. Also note the plastic trim on the dash and the switch surround panels on the doors are also painted Red to match the color pallet. "Carbon Fiber" internal trim pieces were also added to the dash and door panel inserts as well. Very nice detail touch.! (About $1000 for purchasing and the painting the dash and door panels and custom leather installation.)


It also has a Python Security System with "two way" communication, including remote switches for the solenoid doors. (About $400).


OK., now that you have the rest of your truck all tricked out, you have to max out the "tunes" department too, right? Well, they definitely did that!! This sound system "rocks"..!! For starters, it has the Clarion VRX935VD multimedia controller which is the flagship of its ProAudio line-up. It features a fully motorized 7"wide screen LCD with touch panel control, a built-in DVD player that plays audio CD's, DVD video, video CD's and MP3 files on CD-R/RWs. CeNET connection offers full touch panel control of a 6 disk DVD changer, Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver, TV Tuner, Dolby Digital/DTS/Dolby Pro Logic II 5.1 surround sound decoder and a 6 disk audio changer, with Dual Zone control. You can select from 8 different screen colors to match your interior lighting, and when the main LCD screen is retracted into the dash, a front panel dot matrix display allows you full control over all of the VRX935VD's functions. Of course, an IR Remote control is included. ($1100 just for this system.) Did you think I was kidding?


Of course once you have a super trick Clarion LCD 7" Touch Panel screen with all the bells and whistles,, you have to get the speakers and amps to match too. They definitely covered that! If you were to look behind the back seat you would see a dual set-up of JL Audio 450-4 and 500-1 Amps that drive the 4 speakers in the two rear doors, the 4 speakers in the front doors, and the 2 12" JL Audio Sub-Base speakers in their own special speaker box enclosures tucked discreetly out of sight under the the back seat. Yes, that's a 10 speaker sound system..! (Let's put it this way.., there is about $5000 invested in this system.) I priced it all out and it would take way too much time and room to list everything individually.


Oh, and by the way, it also has the Spray-In Bedliner, (about $400), and the Lorado Fold Back Tonneau Cover (about $400), that I hadn't mentioned yet. And, the dual batteries and additional wiring that have been added to support the extra power required for the sound system. In fact, the list just goes on and on if I were to actually cover everything. I have just pointed out the main tricks and features on this truck. There are many more items I didn't even mention.


So, to recap, here is just an abbreviated list of the main items I have referred to above and their approximate cost:

  • Billet Grill - $200
  • Cowl Hood (steel) - $500
  • Florescent Tube Headlights - $225
  • Python Security System - $400
  • Custom Paint and Body Work - $10,000
  • Air Ride Technologies Suspension System - $9,000
  • Sporza Estrada 22" Wheels & Kumho 265/35 Tire Combination - $2500
  • Interior Painting, Panel Inserts and Leather Installation - $1000
  • Clarion VRX935VD (7" Touch Panel LCD Screen) - $1100
  • JL Audio 450-4 & 500-1 Amps including 10 Speaker System - $3900
  • Spray-In Bedliner - $400
  • Lorado Tonneau Cover - $400

TOTAL AMOUNT OF PARTIAL LIST: $32,000.00 (Approximate, including tax and labor.)


Note: There is a total investment in excess of $60,000 in this truck just a few years ago. So.., if you are looking to trick out a truck anything like this and want to save a TON of money and not have to wait forever to get it completed, just grab this one..!! It's all done, and ready to go..!! No waiting for all the body work, custom paint, custom interior, custom sound system, custom wheels and tires, air suspension..., and on and on to get done..! Just hop in, head out and be cool!! AND, save a pile of dough at the same time..! That's not only a COOL move, but a SMART move!!


MY PRICE: $21,950.00



(As you can see, you aren't even paying quite what the tricks and custom features cost, so in effect, you're getting the truck for free!) How can you beat that!!??


ALREADY SOLD TO!!:  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

SOLD FOR: $21,000.00