SORRY - This super-nice 05 Conversion Van


Spring Lake Park, Minnesota for $14,950..!!

One Owner - Fully Loaded - Nearly $60,000 New..!!

2005 Chevrolet Explorer High-Top Conversion Van

With an original cost of nearly $60,000, and a current price tag now of under $15,000 this is a TON of vehicle for the money!


This 05 Explorer Conversion Van is a One-Owner, TOTALLY loaded and was owned by a Corporation. It was only used for transporting Professional Clients from various locations to the Corporate Home Office. During the trip the Clients were also sometimes shown videos of the product the Van's owners were manufacturing and selling.


Consequently, this Van really is like brand new yet on the interior! Typically, families and children/teenagers are usually traveling in these types of Conversion Vans and we know what kids and teenagers can do to vehicle interiors. They tend to spill drinks, food, scuff things up and are just generally very hard on everything including carpet, seats, door panels and essentially everything inside.


However, with only adults traveling in this Conversion Van for business purposes only, it has been amazingly well taken care of and still looks like new inside. It is nearly impossible to find ANY signs of use. No cracks, splits, stains, color fading, seat wear, or any interior damage that is so typical of Conversion Vans after just a few years of use.


In addition, VERY FEW of these Conversion Vans have the AWD Package like this one does. So.., this a vehicle that can safely be driven year around, no matter where you live. That is a HUGE bonus, since it can serve the purpose of a Van, Sport Utility, Car, and in many instances, even a truck! Being an AWD makes this Conversion Van practical in MANY different ways!


One of the things I like the most about this Conversion Van, is the fact it is White with Custom Tape Graphics (not painted on Graphics), and yet I think the van has a VERY "tricked out" look to it. The GREAT thing about this is that if you would get a scratch or ding it will be very easy to touch up since it is the factory chassis color of the original Express Van on which the Conversion Package has been added, and you can get the perfect paint match from any body shop by just looking up the Chassis Color. This will make it relatively inexpensive to maintain the Conversion Van regarding minor nicks and scratches that may occur, since you don't need to worry about matching a Custom Paint Job which are ALWAYS a real pain to deal with. Custom jobs are very difficult to match, and body shops will never guarantee a "perfect match" if there should happen to be some bodywork needed to be done. You will never have that problem with this paint color, and that's one less thing you ever have to worry about!


I also like the White Color because it will keep the Van MUCH COOLER INSIDE in hot weather. Dark colored Conversion Vans are VERY difficult to cool adequately in hot weather, simply because there is so much magnified heat being generated from the Sun, that is constantly heating up the interior. White paint does just the opposite. It REFLECTS the heat and maintains a MUCH cooler environment for the passengers inside. (It really does make a BIG difference on these Conversion Vans.)


The list of Features on this Van are nearly endless, but I will attempt to list the major ones here...

List of GM Chassis Features/Options on this Van (factory options)...

  • ALL WHEEL DRIVE (entirely automatic - no having to switch 4WD Buttons back and forth)
  • 5.3 Litre V8 (nearly 300 horsepower and still gets good fuel mileage)
  • Automatic Transmission (4 speed with Tow Mode Switch on dash)
  • Factory Tow Package (Reciever Hitch with Plug Harness)
  • Two Swinging Doors on both sides of Van (for easy exit and entrance)
  • Dual Heat and Air Conditioning (separate controls for rear passengers)
  • CD & Cassette Player with AM/FM Reciever
  • Power Windows (with One-Touch Down Feature)
  • Tilt Wheel
  • Cruise Control
  • ABS Brakes
  • Dual Power Mirrors
  • Outside Heated Mirrors
  • And.., many more items too numerous to mention...

    List of Explorer Van Conversion Company Options...
  • American Racing Piranha 20" x 8" Alloy Wheels
  • Goodyear Eagle GT II P75/45R20 Tires (all season traction - like new condition)
  • Billet Aluminum Insert in Grille
  • Bug Deflector on Hood
  • Exterior Graphics and Complete Ground Effects Package
  • Leather Seat Upgrade Interior (with built in adjustable Head Rests)
  • Dual Six Way Power Front Buckets (with Power Reclining and Heated Features)
  • Reclining Mid Row Seating (with Quick Release Feature)
  • Upper and Lower Child Restraint System in both Center Seats and Rear Sofa
  • Center Floor Console between Front Seats (with TV Speaker Switch & Video Game Plugs)
  • Drink Cooler built into Center Front Floor Console
  • Eleven Cupholders and Five Storage/Magazine Slots
  • Six Multi-Directional Overhead Aircraft Style Reading Lights
  • Operator Compartment Overhead Lights and Sunroof Switch Control Panel
  • Five Large Overhead Storage Compartments (with Privacy Doors and Interior Lights)
  • Ceiling Indirect Lighting Panel (soft lighting for evening use)
  • Rear Side Window Indirect Lighting (soft lighting for evening use)
  • Optional Driving Lights in Front Ground Effects Panel
  • Optional Sliding Privacy Shades on all Windows
  • Optional Power Forward and Reclining Rear Sofa (with Center Fold-Down Armrest)
  • Optional Rear Sofa Shroud and Net
  • Optional 22" Flat Screen LCD TV in Roof Console w/ Remote (with Built In Speakers and Headphone Option)
  • Optional Blaupunkt Six Speaker System for In Dash Operator Sound System
  • Optional Separate Six Speaker System for Flat Screen TV
  • Optional Rear CD/Reciever for Passengers (includes two Headsets for privacy)
  • Optional DVD Player with Remote (in Front Center Floor Console)
  • Optional Rear Power Sun Roof with Sliding Sun Shade
  • Optional Emergency Kit (includes Powered Flashlight and Air Compressor)
  • Optional Powered Portable Vaccum
  • And.., much, much more..!!

Finally.., you are getting a one-owner with AWD, Great Color and Graphics, thats had Suberb Care and Easy Corporate Use, 22" Flat Screen TV, DVD, Two CD Players, Cassette, Video Game Ports, Sunroof, Six Way Power Heated and Power Reclining Front and Rear Seats and ALL other options available for this year Explorer Conversion Van.


 UNDER $15,000..! (For a Van that cost nearly $60,000 new!) That's a sweet deal..!!


MY PRICE: $14,950 (Priced to sell fast..!!)