SORRY - This super-nice 99 S-10 Customized


Sioux Falls, SD 

Xenon Ground Effects..., Very Cool Color.., Superb Condition..!



This S-10 is one fine ride..!! SUPER NICE Custom Tangerine Candy paint!! And.., they did a COMPLETE very meticulous and professional color change..! I'm talking the fire wall, door jambs.., everything and everywhere! The closer you look, the more you will see what an awesome job they did.


Custom items include: Zenon Ground Effects Kit, ICE 17" Chrome Wheels, Low Profile tires, "Carbon Fiber" Mirrors, Billet Chrome Grille Inserts, Lowered Suspension, High Flow Air Induction System, Billet Grilles,, HOK (House of Color) Candy Tangerine Paint, Custom White Gauge Faces with Changeable Color Lighting, Steel Cowl Hood, and the list goes on and on..!! This sweet S-10 really stands out in a crowd..!


Here is a partial list of the most visible custom items:

  • Professional Custom Paint Job (HOK Candy Tangerine) - $7000
  • Xenon Complete Ground Effects Body Kit - $1400
  • 4" Round Driving Lamps W/Separate Switch - $150
  • Custom Steel Cowl Hood - $450
  • Carbon Fiber Style Mirrors - $100
  • High Flow Cold Air Induction System - $300
  • Chrome Air Induction Tube - $100
  • Pioneer DEH-12A Super Tuner III CD Player - $200
  • ICE 17" Wheels - $900
  • 275 Rear W/ 225 Front Low Profile Tires - $750
  • Billet Chrome Inserts in Grille (2) - $220
  • Lowered Suspension - $500
  • Color Matched Spray-In Bedliner (W/Clearcoat) - $550
  • Custom White Face Gauges with Changeable Color Lighting - $150
  • Tinted Side Windows, Rear Window and Windshield Sun Strip - $175

TOTAL CUSTOM WORK & ACCESSORIES - $15,000.00 (Approximate including tax and labor)


Now, here is what's very cool and a bit of a surprise about this truck. It has the automatic with the "2200" 2.2 Litre 4 Cylinder which scores you two great bonuses. Excellent fuel mileage and great insurance rates!! How can you beat that? A truck that looks awesome, drives great, is very fuel efficient and cheap on insurance. That's pretty much the best of all worlds, wouldn't you say??!!


For what I have this very cool S-10 priced at, one thing is very obvious. Just the cost of the customizing and accessories are considerably more than I am pricing the truck at..!


So.., essentially, you are getting the truck for FREE..!! Well, obviously not actually free, but it figures out to be the same. In other words, if you went and bought an S-10 pickup and customized it and added the accessories like this truck, you would spend more than what I am selling the truck for WITH everything already done..! This, of course, isn't even figuring in all of your time you would have invested in coordinating everything and the numerous trips involved with customizing any vehicle.


If you have been considering tricking out an S-10, this is a no-brainer..!! Save yourself a TON of money, time and aggravation and buy this one already done. (Just hop in, head out and have fun.) It's already all completed for you..!! And.., you know the reaction you will get. Everybody will love it..! Oh.., incidentally it drives great, and with the High Flow Cold Air Induction System, it has plenty of power.  Also, don’t forget…, GREAT fuel mileage and CHEAP insurance rates..!


WAS PRICED AT: $11,950


 NOW PRICED AT: $7950  (Dropped $4000 to SELL FAST..!!)