SORRY - This super-nice 01 Dyna Super Glide Custom


Sioux Falls, SD for $10,500..!!

Only 6113 actual miles, 1 owner..!!, Over $30,000 total invested..!!




Only 6113 actual miles - 1 owner..!!

Over $30,000 total investment in this bike..!!





Although I have had numerous attempts to purchase this DYNA at $14,950, the interested parties never quite got the funds put together to complete the sale.

Also, even though this super nice 01 DYNA SUPER GLIDE is in SUPERB CONDITION and has an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF ACCESSORIES AND SUPER LOW MILES, it has been in my inventory WAY TOO LONG!


So.., I have DRASTICALLY re-priced it, to have it sold ASAP..!!


Call me if you have ANY INTEREST! I might even be able to help you secure financing for this bike!






CALL 605-743-5222 AND ASK FOR RON..!!


This is a one-owner bike that has had impeccable care. The former owner never rode it in inclement weather, always had it in a climate controlled environment, and spent OVER $15,000 on upgrades..! The combination of custom paint, cool options, changes and other accessories were very well thought out and everything on the bike coordinates PERFECTLY..!!


Looking at the bike, you will see many very cool things that have been added and/or changed such as the HD Thunderstar Wheels, with matching Front Floating Rotor ($1615), HD Front and Rear Chrome Brake Calipers, ($803), Braided Stainless Steel Brake, Clutch and Throttle Cables, ($320), Custom Cycle Engineering Billet Chrome Triple Trees, ($729), Custom Flame Paint Job, ($2500), and the list goes on and on..!


Now here is something I'll bet you DIDN'T notice. Take note that there are no blinkers ruining the smooth lines on this bike.  That is because the owner wanted the "clean" look and added Kuryakyn Mirrors w/Integrated LED Turn Signals, ($180), for the front, and also added a very cool License Plate Cover w/ Integrated Turn Signals, ($130), on the rear of the bike.  As a result, he was able to eliminate the stock, boring blinkers.  Neat idea!


It also has NUMEROUS other things that aren't readily visible, but add significant riding comfort, performance and value to the bike.  Some examples are the "Velva-Ride" Top Engine Mount,  (which reduces engine vibration by approximately 50%), ($130), the "Biker Gel" Seat Insert for maximum comfort, ($225), that has been custom installed in the HD Badlander Seat,  the Stage I High Flow Air Cleaner Kit, ($140),  the HD Front Lowered Suspension, ($200), and the Andrews 30 Tooth Transmission Power Pully Sprocket, ($138), just to name a few.


Of course as the list below shows, there are a TON of additional accessories and upgrades on this very cool Dyna.  You can rest assured no matter where you go, NO ONE will have another one like it..!  This bike really stands out in the crowd, is VERY comfortable to ride, sounds super with the Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust, ($825), and has great performance.  What more can you ask for?


And of course last, but certainly not least, this is a just a LOT of bike for the money..!  When you figure the investment by the one and only owner of this bike is in excess of $30,000, it's very obvious what a great value this is.  If you were to try and duplicate this bike now, you would spend MORE than that, since the prices have gone up on many of the parts and of course you would have all your time and energy involved in overseeing the project, which is a very lengthy ordeal.  What is your time worth?


The great thing about this bike is the fact it is already all tricked out, had impeccable care, is a one owner, has only 6100 Actual Miles and you won't need to do a thing but GET ON, SMILE, RIDE, AND ENJOY..!! 


Partial List of Harley Davidson and other Accessories and Add-ons...

  • HD Chrome Axle Spacers - $29.95
  • HD Chrome Oil Hose Cover - $59.95
  • HD Headbolt Cover Kit - $36.95
  • HD Rocker Box Bolt Covers - $23.95
  • HD Diamondback Braided Rear Brake Line - $69.95
  • HD Diamondback Braided Throttle Cables - $149.95
  • HD Diamondback Braided Clutch Cable - $99.95
  • HD Chrome Electrical Panel Cover - $90.00
  • HD Chrome Coil Cover - $37.95
  • HD Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover (Billet) - $41.95
  • HD Chrome Axle Retainer Nut Kit - $7.95
  • HD Chrome Clutch Bracket and Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit - $329.95
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Kit - $139.95
  • HD Chrome Headlamp Housing Kit - $64.95
  • HD Chrome Headlamp Frenched Trim Ring - $34.95
  • HD Chrome Instrument Housing - $69.95
  • HD Chrome Fuel Tank Trim Panel - $110.00
  • HD Screamin' Eagle Timer Cover - $7.95
  • HD Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner Cover - $29.95
  • HD Chrome Rocker Box Bolt Covers - $23.95
  • HD Chrome Bar & Shield Logo Headbolt Cover Kit - $36.95
  • HD Chrome Battery Cover - $44.95
  • HD Custom Chin Spoiler - $200.00
  • HD High Flow Air Cleaner (Stage I Kit) - $139.95
  • HD Chrome Oil Hose Cover - $59.95
  • HD Synthetic Fluids - $125.00
  • HD Badlander Low Profile Seat - $199.95
  • HD Chrome Rear Sprocket Cover w/ Holes - $49.95
  • HD Chrome Hardware Kit for Rear Belt Sprocket - $29.95
  • HD Chrome Upper Belt Guard - $111.00
  • HD Chrome Lower Belt Guard - $64.95
  • HD Chrome Swingarm Axle Cover - $79.95
  • HD New Dunlop Rear Tire - $180
  • HD Chrome Front Caliper Kit - $359.95
  • HD Chrome Rear Caliper Kit - $442.95
  • HD Chrome Caliper Bolt Cover Kit (2) - $55.90
  • HD Chrome Thunderstar Front & Rear Wheels - $1300 (+$165 for mounting)
  • HD Chrome Thunderstar Front Floating Rotor - $149.95
  • HD Chrome Thunderstar Rear Floating Rotor - $149.95
  • HD Tachometer (2-5/8" Mini - black face) - $129.95
  • HD Tachometer Cylindrical Gauge Housing (2-5/8" Mini) - $49.95
  • HD Tachometer Mount and Handlebar Clamp (Chrome Billet) - $119.95
  • HD Pillow Look Backrest Pad - $59.95
  • HD Leather Tool Bag - $50
  • HD Chrome Choke Knob Cover - $29.95
  • HD Sissy Bar Sideplates - $139.95
  • HD Low Profile Sissy Bar Upright - $84.95
  • HD Sport Luggage Rack - $119.95
  • HD Front Lowered Suspension - $200
  • HD Chrome Forward Controls - $329.95
  • Chrome Billet Aluminum Brake and Clutch Levers - $113.99
  • Laydown license plate w/Integrated Turn Signals - $129.95
  • Custom Cycle Engineering  Billet Chrome Triple Trees - $729.00
  • Custom Cycle Engineering  Billet Chrome Fork Tubes - $259.00
  • Russell Front Braided Brake Line - $99.95
  • Custom Flame Paint and Pinstripe - $2500
  • Kuryakyn Marquis Choke Knob - $29.99
  • Kuryakyn Mirrors w/ Integrated Turn Signals - $179.99
  • Kuryakyn Premium ISO Grips w/ Throttle Boss - $120
  • Kuryakyn Foot Pegs w/ Switchblade Heal Rest Option - $120
  • Kuryakyn Passenger "Widefoot" Pegs - $85
  • Kuryakyn Chrome "Train Rod" Shift Linkage w/ Integrated LED Lights - $129.99 ($275 installed)
  • Kuryakyn 7 Colored LED  "Lizard" Accent Lights - $375 (installed)
  • Kuryakyn Low Profile LED Taillight - $100
  • Pingel High Flow Fuel Valve - $90
  • Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust w/ Chrome Heat Shields - $825 (with installation)
  • Andrews 30 Tooth Transmission Sprocket - $137.95
  • "Velva-Ride" Top Engine Mount (reduces engine vibration @ 50%) - $127.95
  • Xenon 100 Watt High Beam Headlamp Bulb - $24.95
  • Biker Gel Pad Insert in Badlander Seat - $225 (installed)
  • "Works" Performance Dual Rate Spring/Shocks - $589.00
  • 5,000 Mile Service Done Recently @ local Harley Davidson Dealership - $300


TOTAL ACCESSORIES - $15,000.00 + (Approximate with Tax and Labor)


Note:  At what I have this bike priced at, you are essentially just paying for the upgrades and nearly getting the bike for free..!!  Pretty tough to beat that deal, especially when the bike only has 6100 ACTUAL MILES on it..!!


One very nice bike for the money..!!


MY PRICE:  Was $14,950 




NOW - $10,500! (Save $4,950..!!

(This truly is a steal on this bike...)