SORRY - This super-nice 01 Road Glide CVO


Beeton, Ontario, Canada for $19,000..!!

4,841 ACTUAL MILES...$3000 In Engine Upgrades..!!

 01 Road Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO

If you are looking for a PRISTINE 2001 Road Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO that is in EXCEPTIONAL correct factory condition, this is it..!! This Sinister Blue Pearl, Diamond Ice and States Blue Pearl CVO also has only 4,841 ACTUAL Miles..!! It was purchased brand new right here at the local Harley Dealer and has been stored in a climate controlled environment its entire life.


Before it even left the Harley Dealer, the purchaser spent about $3000 on engine upgrades, including Stage One Air Cleaner EFI Kit, High Performance Screamin' Eagle Heads, High Performance Screamin' Eagle Pistons, Upgraded Push Rods, Screamin' Eagle 257 Cam Kit, Cam Service Kit, Screamin' Eagle Roller Bearing Upgrade, High Performance Upper End Gasket Kit, along with multiple Dyno Runs to maximize Torque and Horsepower. The first Dyno Run in factory stock condition netted 59.1 Horsepower and 73.5 Torque. After the upgrades and fine tuning, the final Dyno Run scored a VERY impressive 91.5 Horsepower and 100.3 Torque. That is a 46% increase in Horsepower and 27% increase in Torque..! (I have the Dyno Run and Engine Upgrade Receipts.) As you can imagine, it made a tremendous difference in the riding enjoyment and acceleration capabilities of this Road Glide.


Harley Davidson aficionados have always loved the 2001 Road Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO, but many of them thought they were slightly lacking in Power and Torque. (Including myself.) Well, that clearly solved THAT problem with this bike. Essentially, now you have the best of all worlds with this Road Glide CVO. Super low miles, exceptional condition, all correct factory equipment, and a VERY impressive engine configuration that translates into a huge increase in Power and Torque. How can you beat that deal?

It just recently had a brand new Rear Tire and new HD Battery installed and includes a Battery Tender. Also included are the Saddle Bag Carry Out Nylon Bag Inserts, Carry Out Nylon Tour Pak Insert and a Tour Pak Light that turns on when the lid is opened. In addition, the Owner's Manual, Barrel Keys and Security Fobs are included, as well as the Factory Roll up HD Tool Kit.


If you are familiar with how these 01 Road Glide CVO's were configured when they came from the Factory, the Fishtail Exhaust Tips were part of the Original Equipment. This Bike still retains them and they are in IMMACULATE condition. It is VERY HARD to find one of these Road Glides that still have the original ones intact, and especially in this kind of condition. (I had a gentleman from Canada call and offer me $750 for JUST THE FISHTAIL TIPS, since the original configuration tips like these are no longer available from Harley Davidson..!!)


I have owned a few of these 01 Road Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO's, and they were very nice bikes, but none were in the absolutely IMPECCABLE condition this bike is in and they certainly didn't have the Engine Upgrades done. That is a huge bonus for the new owner. A classic, collectible low production CVO Road Glide that is essentially like new yet with less than 5000 ACTUAL MILES and TONS of performance..!! How does it get any better?


Here is just a quick reference list of SOME of the upgrades...

  • HD Screamin' Eagle Performance Heads - $850
  • HD Screamin' Eagle Performance 1550 Pistons - $280
  • HD Screamin' Eagle 257 Cam Kit - $270
  • HD Stage I EFI Intake System - $140
  • HD Quick Install Push Rods - $130
  • HD Upper End Engine Gasket Kit - $64
  • HD Cam Service Kit - $56
  • HD Head Gasket Kit - $14
  • HD Roller Bearing Upgrade - $10
  • HD Boom! Audio AM/FM Shorty Antenna - $30
  • HD Dyno Run (with Print-out) - $75
  • HD New Battery (last few months) - $171
  • HD Dunlop OEM New Rear Tire (last few months) - $210
  • HD Miscellaneous Engine Work, Gaskets, Fluids etc. - $750

TOTAL ENGINE UPGRADES AND OTHER ACCESSORIES: $3000 (Approximate with Tax and Labor)


Note: Most of the prices listed above are directly from the Receipts I have from 2001. These parts are now about 25% higher which would add another approximate $750 at today's Harley Davidson Prices.


MY PRICE: $19,950

(I don't believe there is another one in existence with under 5000 miles, the Engine Upgrades, in this condition and all original - at any price..!!)