02 FXDWG3 DYNA "SWITCHBLADE" CVO (Vivid Black with Gold Flames)

SORRY - This super-nice 02 FXDWG3


Pearland, Texas for $16,500..!!

Only 1,867 ACTUAL MILES..!! - One-Owner..!!

02 FXDWG3 CVO "Switchblade"

(Vivid Black with Gold Flames)


This 02 FXDWG3 Screamin' Eagle CVO in the Vivid Black with Gold Flames color combination is truly one of the hardest to find and most sought after CVO Screamin' Eagle models and color combinations that Harley Davidson has ever built. There were only about 700 TOTAL of this color combination ever produced by Harley Davidson's CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations), division. You rarely see one come up for sale, so with its low production, elevated popularity and being difficult to find, it's quite obvious why this bike is in such high demand. (Just can't beat that classic Harley Davidson BLACK, combined with the Gold Flames and all that chrome and other special accessories that only the CVO model offers..!!)


Harley Davidson did build the first Wide Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO called the FXDWG2 one year earlier (2001), in the Scarlett Red and Gold Flames color combination which is also a VERY nice motorcycle, however there was about 1700 of these built and consequently they are considerably more prevalent and many more available for sale. There were about 1950 of the 2002 FXDWG3 CVO's built in 2002, but about 1250 of them were built in the Navy Blue Pearl with Silver Metallic Flames color combination. There are generally quite a few of these bikes available for sale and the color combination is not nearly as popular.


The FXDWG3 is based on the Dyna Wide Glide and is powered by a Twin Cam 88 motor. The factory slammed front and rear suspensions lower the bike for a road-hugging look and feel. A full length Tank Console (designed by Willie G. Davidson), and the Silver-faced Speedometer, along with the LightningStar Wheels, slash-cut Exhaust and billet-style Turn Signals add to the drama of this visually impressive motorcycle. The FXDWG3 features more than $8,000 in Genuine Harley-Davidson custom parts and accessories. It is accented with Streaming Flames of Hand Laid Gold Leafing on the Fuel Tank, Fenders and Headlight Fairing. The powder-coated Frame, Chin Fairing, Battery Box, Coil Cover and Electrical Enclosure are all color-matched for added visual intensity.


It's become pretty clear on what makes these FXDWG3's hold their value and that is primarily their ORIGINALITY. It's quite widely accepted to do some tasteful upgrades, but even with the few of these that are left, it's quite surprising how many of them are missing the original Headlight Fairing, have had handle bars changed and many other things that really take away from the original look of the bike, and consequently seriously affect their value.


This Vivid Black FXDWG3 is 100% ORIGINAL, and has only 1,867 ACTUAL MILES!! Yes, you are reading this right - not 18,000 but 1,867 MILES! I also have every one of the original items that came with the motorcycle, including all of the original Owner's Manuals and Harley Davidson Leaflets, AND the ORIGINAL Brochure from the Dealer's Showroom including the separate "Vivid Black Insert" that was an additional "Mini Brochure" that slipped inside the larger Original Brochure. I also have both of the Security Key Fobs, the two Barrel Keys, and the original CVO Cloth Cover and the CVO Bag that the cover is stored in. (My photos show of all these items...) Not ONE thing has been added or changed from the factory original equipment on this bike. It is a ONE-OWNER and has been stored in a Climate Controlled Environment its entire life and never even been ridden in the rain.


Yes, this is essentially the "Holy Grail" and a "Time Capsule" motorcycle. Where will you find another one like it? And, the best thing, is the fact the original owner didn't just leave it set and not attend to it. He changed the oil routinely, took it in for service to the Harley Dealer regularly and rode it JUST ENOUGH to keep it limbered up and preserved properly and most importantly as I mentioned earlier, it was ALWAYS kept in a CLIMATE CONTROLLED environment . As a result, there is NO weather checking or cracking on the tires, (they are perfect, and in like new condition), and there are positively no oil leaks anywhere. This bike really is a once-in-a-lifetime find! Once again, where you will you ever find another one like this at all, let alone one that is for sale? AND if you also happen to be a fan of these FXDWG3 CVO's anyway, that is just frosting on the cake.

MY PRICE:  $16,950 (Priced to sell..!!)