SORRY - This super-nice 100th Anniversary Road Glide


Denver, Colorado for $24,950..!!

1,482 ACTUAL MILES..!! - $20K in Upgrades - PRISTINE..!!

 03 100th Anniversary Road Glide

I think it is very safe to say, that this is most definitely the ONLY 03 100th Anniversary Road Glide with these features in existence! Only 1,482 ACTUAL MILES and approximately $20,000 in upgrades! Where are you going to find another one like this?! I'm very confident you couldn't..!!


This incredible 03 100th Anniversary Road Glide came from a personal collection of a gentleman that had ONLY very low mile and exceptionally pristine Harleys! And, they were all either CVO's, 100th Anniversaries or something else very unique about them. He had a separate climate controlled show room in his home only for his Harley Collection. Recently, because of health reasons, he sold most of his Harley Davidsons. This is the third motorcycle I was fortunate enough to acquire from his collection. I have already sold the other two which were 04 Electra Glide CVO Screamin' Eagles. And they were in the same incredible condition.


I have encountered collections of low mile Harleys, but I have NEVER seen anyone spend the extra money and totally trick them out like this gentleman did. Not only did they all have EXCEPTIONALLY low miles, but they also had about every piece of chrome you could find available (Harley and otherwise), installed on them. This bike has chrome items added that I have never even seen available for sale, and can't even find reference prices for what they cost. The engine compartment is literally WRAPPED in chrome.

Now, here is the other part that is really cool about this rare 03 100th Anniversary Road Glide. It has the 103" Engine upgrade added which cost $5000 by the time everything was completed! It has a number of other performance accessories added too, such as a D&D Fatcat 2 into 1 Exhaust System along with the D&D Ghost Pipe ($1450), the HD Heavy Breather Air Cleaner and the Screamin' Eagle Chrome Air Filter Cover ($450), and a Hydraulic Clutch Kit ($375). With all of these "go fast" accessories combined, let me tell you something, this bike really "gets down the road"..!! I mean it is fast!

It also has a ton of other chrome and accessories such as a Real Chrome Inner Primary ($300), Complete Chrome Front End Kit ($560), Chrome Front Brake Caliper Kit ($790), all Diamondback™ Braided Cables ($355), Complete Classic Chrome Cover Kit ($381), Chrome Clutch Bracket and Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit ($330), Bullet Rear Turn Signal Bar & License Plate Relocation Kit ($255), Kuryakyn Panacea Smoked LED Tail Light ($200), and the list just goes on and on! To sum it up, there is a TOTAL of over $20,000 that has been spent on this AWESOME 100th Anniversary Road Glide..!! That is a lot of money!


I am not even going to attempt to list ALL of the chrome, because it would take forever and the list would be endless, but here is a partial list of some of the chrome and upgraded items that have been installed...

  • HD 103" Engine Upgrade - $5000
  • HD 103" Timer Cover - $60
  • HD Chrome Voltage Regulator - $170
  • HD Transmission Interface Cover - $100
  • HD Chrome Oil Dipstick - $40
  • HD Chrome Tappet Block Cover - $70
  • HD Chrome Rocker Box Bolt Covers - $26
  • HD Chrome Fuel Tank Fitting Cover - $32
  • HD Chrome High Handlebar - $80
  • HD Chrome "Harley Davidson" Derby Cover - $50
  • HD Real Chrome Inner Primary, (not a cover) - $300
  • HD Hydraulic Clutch Kit - $375
  • HD Chrome Clutch Bracket and Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit - $330
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Kit - $140
  • HD Chrome Switch Cap Kit - $27
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Hardware Kit - $18
  • HD Chrome Hand Control Lever Kit - $120
  • HD Bullet Rear Turn Signal Bar & License Plate Relocation Kit - $255
  • HD Chrome License Plate Frame - $17
  • HD Willie G Skull Collection License Plate Hardware Kit - $22
  • HD Chrome Transmission Top Cover - $140
  • HD Chrome Front End Kit - $560
  • HD Chrome Front Brake Caliper Kit - $790
  • HD Classic Chrome Caliper Bolt Cover Kit - $22
  • HD "Harley Davidson" Brake Caliper Insert - $16
  • HD Chrome Fork Slider Covers - $80
  • HD Bullet Gear Shift Linkage - $130
  • HD Stealth Hand Grips - $90
  • HD Stealth Rider Footboard Inserts - $240
  • HD Chrome and Rubber Series Passenger Pegs - $80
  • HD Profile Custom Mirrors - $140
  • HD RK Screamin Eagle Seat - $515
  • HD Heavy Breather Air Cleaner Kit - $300
  • HD Heavy Breather Air Cleaner "Screamin' Eagle" Medallion - $20
  • HD Chrome Screamin' Eagle Air Filter Cover - $170
  • HD Chrome Headbolt Bridge Covers - $60
  • HD Chrome Rocker Box Covers - $26
  • HD Chrome Cylinder Base Cover (Ribbed) - $60
  • HD Bullet Visor Style Front Trim Rings with Smoked Lens - $34
  • HD Bullet Visor Style Rear Trim Rings with Smoked Lens - $34
  • HD Chrome Windshield Trim - $140
  • HD Diamondback™ Braided Throttle & Idle Cable Kit - $160
  • HD Diamondback™ Braided Clutch Cable - $120
  • HD Diamondback™ One-Piece Braided Brake Lines - $75
  • HD Complete Classic Chrome Cover Kit - $381
  • HD Chrome Billet Saddlebag Latch Kit - $130
  • HD Chrome Saddlebag Filler Strip - $170
  • HD Smooth Push-Button Fuel Console Door Release - $30
  • Arlen Ness Dash Insert - $120
  • Arlen Ness Ribbed Fuel Door - $100
  • Performance Machine Contour Brake Lever - $150
  • Performance Machine Contour Shifter Lever - $150
  • D&D Fatcat 2 into 1 Exhaust - $1025
  • D&D Fatcat 2 into 1 Exhaust Left Ghost Pipe - $419
  • Klock Werks Flush Mount Axle Kit - $160
  • Kuryakyn Mid Frame Cover - $110
  • Kuryakyn Chrome Starter Cover - $70
  • Kuryakyn Transmission Shroud - $100
  • Kuryakyn Rear Cylinder Base Cover - $40
  • Kuryakyn Hollow Point Sleeve and Hot Spot Kit - $17
  • Kuryakyn Oil Filler Spout Cover - $60
  • Kuryakyn Behind the Engine Filler Panel Frame Cover - $110
  • Kuryakyn V-Shield Horn Cover - $80
  • Kuryakyn Chrome Solenoid Cover - $20
  • Kuryakyn Chrome Neck and down Tube Cover - $200
  • Kuryakyn Lower Front Frame Cover - $70
  • Kuryakyn Panacea Smoked LED Tail Light - $200
  • Kuryakyn Seat Release - $22
  • And.., the list goes on and on..

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AMOUNT: $20,000+ (Approximate with Tax and Labor)


Note #1: As you can easily see by looking at the pictures of this pristine 100th Anniversary Road Glide, it is essentially brand new yet! With the initial new cost of the bike being around $20,000 (with Taxes and Dealer Fees), PLUS the cost of the Upgrades and Accessories adding another $20,000 to the picture, there is OVER $40,000 invested in this one-of-a-kind 03 100th Anniversary Road Glide.


Note #2: I have this super nice Road Glide priced at approximately HALF of the Total Investment, and it is hardly broken in yet! You are saving $15,000 from what was initially invested in this bike. So.., think about it. Basically a new bike with $20,000 in upgrades that is costing you only $5000. What a sweet deal that is!


Finally then.., an opportunity to own an 03 100th Anniversary Road Glide (which are hard to find in any condition), with only 1,482 Actual Miles, in absolutely like new condition, with an investment of over $40,000 that you can own for under $25,000..!! Tell me the last time you saw a deal like this..!! Don't wait - you know this bike is going to sell fast!


MY PRICE: $24,950 (Priced really fair..!!)