SORRY - This super-nice 04 Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO has ALREADY SOLD to:

Fort McMurry, Alberta, Canada for $19,850..!!

One Owner - ONLY 13,900 MILES - $39,000 Invested..!!

04 Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle (FLHTCSE)

How can you beat this 04 CVO Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide? It definitely has some of the best features, options and performance of the touring CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes that Harley Davidson has ever put together..! This is one of only two colors available in 04, and many people believe it to be the best. (Candy Cobalt Blue and Starlight Black with Copper and Blue Pinstriping). (It looks especially cool in the bright sun since the subtle metallic in the Starlight Black really comes out..!)

This, of course, is 1 of the only 2 years you can get the CVO Electra Glide with the painted-to-match-quick-release Tour Pak, since in 06 and up, Harley Davidson built the CVO bikes as an Ultra Classic and it's Tour Pak is leather and does not match the bike's color and is also not a quick-release design since it is permanently attached. (They did start painting the Tour Pak again in 08, but the bikes are Ultra Classics and of course that also makes the Tour Paks non-detachable, so you are stuck with leaving them on the bike permanently.)

With this cool CVO, you can load up with luggage and/or gear with the optional King Tour Pak this bike has and head out on a trip with your significant other and ride in total comfort..! Now, if you are wanting to "kick around town with your buddies", you can remove the Tour Pak, (which you can do in a matter of seconds), and now you have an aggressive looking "solo" bike that looks extremely nice and will obviously out-perform and accelerate most of the other bikes you will run in to. How can you beat that combo..?

I would assume that if you are looking at this Screamin' Eagle, and know anything about them, then you are already aware they come loaded with chrome and "CVO only" custom paint, the 103" Stroker Engine and many other features right from the factory.

Since the list of options from Harley Davidson on these CVO bikes is nearly endless, I am not going to list them individually here. (You probably already know what they are.) Harley Davidson says there is over $12,000 in Accessories and Upgrades that are added to the CVO Screamin' Eagles in 04, and many of those items are unavailable to anyone other than a "CVO" owner. In other words you can't purchase those items and put them on a stock Harley because you have to prove you own a CVO by presenting the VIN# to the Dealer before you can order replacement CVO parts. Since these were hand assembled and painted in a separate assembly line and were only built in a limited number, this bike is VERY protected by Harley Davidson regarding parts and attempted duplication.

This super nice 04 CVO Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle is a ONE-OWNER and has only 13,900 very easy ACTUAL miles and a significant amount of upgrades even beyond the CVO accessories!

 Here are some of the additional items that have been added to this bike that were not stock equipment from the factory:

  • HD King Tour Pak (with Wiring, Brackets, Hardware and Detach Kit) - $2500
  • HD Premium Tour Pak Luggage Rack - $124.95
  • HD EFI Race Tuner Kit (with Cables) - $750
  • HD Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit - $42.95
  • HD Layback License Plate Mounting Kit - $41.95
  • HD Chrome License Plate Cover with Acorn Fasteners -
  • HD Chrome Inner Primary (real – not a cover) - $550
  • HD Chrome Front Caliper Kit (Dual) - $739.95
  • HD Chrome Front Caliper Hardware Kit (Dual) - $79.80
  • HD Chrome “Harley Davidson Script” Caliper Insert - $15.95
  • HD Ribbed Grey Headbolt Bridge - $59.95
  • HD Chrome Oil Vent Line - $54.95
  • HD Chrome Starter Cover - $69.95
  • HD Chrome Classic Cover Kit (Bike) - $259.95
  • HD Classic Chrome Headbolt Cover Kit - $38.95
  • HD Chrome LCD Digital Oil/Temp Dipstick - $149.95
  • HD Bar & Shield Logo Windshield Molding - $79.95
  • HD Headlamp Visor Style Trim Ring - $42.95
  • HD Passing Lamp Visor Style Trim Rings - $59.95
  • HD Front Turn Signal Visor Style Trim Rings (Smoked Lens/Amber Bulb) - $35.95
  • HD Rear Turn Signal Visor Style Trim Rings (Smoked Lens/Amber Bulb) - $35.95
  • HD Billet Chrome License Plate Cover - $28.95
  • HD Nylon Saddle Bag Carry-out Bags - $49.95
  • Rinehart True Dual Exhaust - $1100
  • Kuryakyn LED Tail Light Conversion Kit - $139.99

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AMOUNT: $8000.00+ (Approximate with tax and labor)

Note #1: Also included with this bike are the original Key Fob, Barrel Key, CVO Cloth Cover, Driver's Removable Back Rest, and the Passenger Removable Back Rest that is "quick detach" and mounts on the same Docking Hardware location as the Tour Pack does when it is removed.

Note #2: With the original purchase price and the accessories that have been added, there is over $39,000 invested in this bike..! You can save yourself a TON of money from what the original owner paid. (Incidentally, as I'm sure you know, the new ones are about $37,000 stock, not including any additional options.) Pick this one up and spend the other $16,000+ on something else..! Now that makes a lot more sense..!!

WAS PRICED AT: $21,950

Reduced $1100 for QUICK SALE..!!


NEW PRICE: $20,850