SORRY - This super-nice 04 Electra Glide CVO


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA for $21,450..!!

SUPER NICE BIKE..!!  Rinehart Tru Duals.., Stage I Kit.., TONS of Chrome and much more..!!

(Orange Pearl/Jet Black)

Here is one SUPER NICE 04 Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle CVO. Since this particular model and color combo of Harley Davidson CVO is my favorite, (Orange Pearl and Jet Black) and I have owned about 13 of these, I thought I had seen about every possible piece of chrome and upgrade available that you could add to this bike. I WAS WRONG! This CVO has chrome that I have never seen before. Essentially, the engine and transmission, (other than the heads), is entirely covered in chrome.


Also, even though these 04 CVO's come with the rear suspension already lowered an inch from the factory, this bike has been lowered some more, so it has a very nice stance. When you add the cool Kuryakyn Fender Skirt ($120), and the Kuryakyn Lower Saddle Bag Accents ($200), both of which have lighted LED inserts, it combines with the lowered suspension to give it an even nicer look from both sides and the back of the bike. The Rinehart True Duals ($900), and the Stage One Kit ($140), along with the Power Commander ($360), provide MORE than enough Torque and Horsepower. Certainly way more than enough to get you in trouble..!


All of the painted surfaces on this bike are literally like new yet. (Even the Front Fender, Fairing and front Sides of the Saddle Bags which tend to pick up rock chips.) Not on this bike - the paint is simply pristine..! The Front Rotors have also been chromed ($380), which definitely adds extra "bling" to the front end.


In case you didn't know, there were only about 750 of these Screamin' Eagle CVO's built in this color combo, and this paint scheme and year/model is widely considered to be one of the most sought after CVO Baggers Harley Davidson ever built.


This is the bike that will get all the comments at your local "bike hangout" and/or on the Poker Runs. Even non-bike lovers look at this and admire it. It's just that cool looking..!!

Below is a partial list of Chrome and other Accessories that are NOT stock items and have been added. (There are many more too numerous to itemize.)

  • HD Bar & Shield Logo Front Fender Speer - $39.95
  • HD Front Axle Nut Cover (Classic Chrome) - $39.95
  • HD Windshield Molding (Touring - Chrome) - $41.95
  • HD Wind Deflector (7" Dark Smoked) - $119.95
  • HD Headbolt Bridge Covers (Chrome) - $54.95
  • HD Headlight Trim Ring (Chrome - Visor Style) - $41.95
  • HD License Plate Frame (Chrome) - $14.95
  • HD License Plate Mounting Kit (Chrome - Layback - Touring) - $52.95
  • HD Passing Lamp Trim Rings (Chrome - Visor Style) - $54.95
  • HD Saddlebag Liners (Deluxe) - $44.95
  • HD Speaker Trim (Chrome - Front) - $29.95
  • HD Turn Signal Trim Ring (Chrome - Smoked Lens - Visor Style - Front) - $34.95
  • HD Turn Signal Trim Ring (Chrome - Smoked Lens - Visor Style - Rear) - $34.95
  • HD Chrome Inner Primary Cover - $139.95
  • HD Smooth Push Button Fuel Tank Console Door Release - $27.95
  • HD Skull License Plate Mounting Hardware - $25.95
  • HD Radio & Gauge Faceplate Trim - $27.95
  • HD Chrome Floating Front Rotors (2) - 379.98
  • HD Screamin' Eagle Stage One Air Cleaner Kit - $139.95
  • Kuryakyn Lower Front Frame Cover - $69.99
  • Kuryakyn Switch Panel Accent Cover - $49.99
  • Kuryakyn Tappet Block Accent Cover - $69.99
  • Kuryakyn Cylinder Base Cover - $69.99
  • Kuryakyn Starter Cover - $69.99
  • Kuryakyn Oil Filler Spout Cover - $59.99
  • Kuryakyn Rear Cylinder Base Cover - $39.99
  • Kuryakyn Fuel Line Fitting Cover - $39.99
  • Kuryakyn Behind the Engine Filler Panel - 109.99
  • Kuryakyn Starter Connector Plug Cover - $25.99
  • Kuryakyn Oil Line Cover and Transmission Shroud - $99.99
  • Kuryakyn Lighted Fender Skirt - $119.99
  • Kuryakyn Lighted Lower Saddle Bag Accents - $199.95
  • DynoJet Power Commander Module - $359.95
  • Lindby Engine Guard - $349.95
  • Rinehart True Dual Exhaust - $899.99
  • Hot Topper Kit (Complete - Touring) - $380.24


(Approximate with Tax and Labor)


MY PRICE: $21,450 (Priced to sell quickly..!!)