SORRY - This super-nice 04 Roadsmith Trike


Pine City, MN for $22,900..!!

Super Ride...95" Upgrade...Excellent Condition...



This is a very nice Ultra Classic with an HDT Roadsmith Trike Kit installed. If you are not familiar with the Roadsmith Trike Kit, in my opinion, it is the best and the "Cadillac" of Trike Kits available. It has true Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) like a Corvette, or other expensive sports car, which gives you a FAR BETTER ride than a Trike Kit with a fixed Rear Axle, (which Harley, Lehman and most all of the other kits use).


The primary difference is when you hit a bump with either of the Rear Wheels independently, it won't "jerk" the bike up and down on the side that hit the bump. That side (wheel), just lifts up over the bump individually and doesn't affect the overall ride of the bike. (Far better design and much smoother ride, and definitely more expensive as well.) However, once you ride this Trike after having ridden "fixed axle" Trikes, there is just simply no comparison..!!


Also, with this bike having a major 95" upgrade done to the engine to the tune of about $3000, this bike will WAY outrun a later model stock 96" or 103" Trike. I don't have Torque and Horsepower ratings records for it, but I have been riding Harleys for many years and have owned a lot of both stock and upgraded engine combinations, and I am a horsepower "junkie", and this Trike most definitely has tremendous Torque and Horsepower comparatively speaking. You will NEVER lack for power. In fact, if you were so inclined, I know you could break the wide rear tires loose very easily if you wanted to. It truly does have that kind of power! And, with the Tru Dual Rineharts it has installed, it sounds FANTASTIC..!! And, guess what, the icing on the cake is the $2800 Screamin' Eagle Six Speed Transmission that has also been added for maximum efficiency and performance. A great combination..!!



Taken directly from Roadsmith's Website... "The Roadsmith features our independent rear suspension with a 10" longer wheelbase. That, in simple terms, means it rides like no other trike on the market. The smooth ride of the Roadsmith HDT is primarily due to our innovative suspension system that offers a ride like no other trike. The Trike Shop was the first to offer independent suspension for trike conversions over 20 years ago. The cynics said it would never work. They're eating those words today. Talk to anyone who has actually ridden an independent rear suspension and a solid axle system trike for a period of time and ask them which one rode better. They won't deny independent rear suspension rides nicer and corners awesome. IRS is the way manufacturers of cars, SUV's and ATV's have been and are going. Trikes are built with a purpose "Touring in Comfort".


"The multi-point mount of the chassis to the bike frame actually strengthens the bikes frame as well as dissipates the added stress of a trike. We attach to existing mounting points on the frame like the upper shock mounts and the swingarm mounting area. A feature of the trailing arm type independent suspension is the fact that there are very few moving parts. There are literally only two pivot points on each trailing arm. This eliminates any adjustments or maintenance requirements. There are more complicated ways to design a suspension, but why?"


"We have designed this kit with automotive parts that are easily accessible, should you happen to need service on the road. The rear brakes are large 11" dual disc. The Constant Velocity (CV) joints and brakes are VW Beetle application. These heavy duty parts for a light duty application, have proven to be dependable for extremely long."


Here is the breakdown of the Roadsmith Trike Kit on this Ultra Classic...
(Kit and Upgrades that were installed on this motorcycle.)

  • HDT Complete Chassis, Body, Carpeted Trunk, Trailer Hitch - $9199
  • HDT Steering Kit - $999
  • HDT Wheel Upgrade Package (16x7 Pacer Alloy Wheels / 215/55 x 16 Tires) - $399
  • HDT Chrome Rear Nerf Bumper - $299
  • HDT Mudflaps with Chrome Accenting Kit - $129
  • HDT Chrome Wheel Opening Trim Kit - $59
  • HDT Tow Wire Harness - $69
  • HDT Main Body Premium Paint - Single Tone - (Standard Color) - $1599

TOTAL TRIKE KIT COST: $15,500 (Approximate with Tax & Labor)


This super nice Ultra Classic Trike also has a LOT of Accessories/Upgrades that have been added by both the former owner and myself.


Here is a list of the changes I am aware of - undoubtedly I am missing many things...

  • HD 95" Upgrade Kit - TONS of power and torque - $3000
  • HD Screamin' Eagle 6 Speed Transmission (with Cover) - $2800
  • HD Complete Chrome Front End Kit - $569
  • HD Bar and Shield Fender Skirt - $60
  • HD Voltage Regulator - Chrome - $180
  • HD Tour Pak Chrome Accent Rail - $135
  • HD Tour Pak Luggage Rack - $200
  • HD Billet Style Shifter and Brake Levers - $180
  • HD Billet Style Mirrors - $220
  • HD Black Smoked Adjustable Air Deflectors - $120
  • HD Diamond Plate Highway Pegs - $50
  • HD Diamond Plate Rider Footboard Insert Kit - $95
  • HD Diamond Plate Passenger Footboard Insert Kit - $85
  • HD Diamond Plate Brake Pedal Pad - $35
  • HD Diamond Plate Shifter Peg - $15
  • HD Diamond Plate Heel Rest Peg - $15
  • HD Long Angled Adjustable Highway Peg Kit - $120
  • HD Chrome Passenger Script Footboard Covers - $70
  • HD Chrome Passenger Footboard Support Kit - $130
  • HD Chrome Axle Cover - $40
  • HD Chrome Fairing Speaker Covers - $40
  • HD Chrome Rear Tour Pak Speaker Covers - $40
  • HD Indicator Lamp Bezel Cover - $17
  • HD Chrome Windshield Molding - $50
  • HD Windshield Triple Storage Pouches - $80
  • HD Front Fender Tip Lens - $30
  • HD Smoked Auxiliary Light and Signal Kit - $70
  • HD Chrome Classic Covers Kit - $260
  • HD Chrome Rocker Box Covers - $26
  • HD Chrome French Style Headlight Trim Ring - $38
  • HD Chrome French Style Passing Lamp Trim Rings - $55
  • HD Chrome French Style Turn Signal Trim Rings - $42
  • HD Rear Chrome Tail Light Collar (2) - $72
  • HD Fairing Mount Mirrors - $100
  • HD Billet Air Cleaner Cover - $230
  • HD Billet Air Cleaner "95" Medallion Kit - $25
  • HD Live to Ride Derby Cover - $70
  • HD Live to Ride Timer Cover - $38
  • HD Oil Hose Cover - Chrome - $65
  • HD Starter Solenoid Cover - Chrome - $22
  • HD Starter Cover - Chrome - $35
  • HD Oil Vent Line - Chrome - $55
  • HD Premium Oil Cooler Kit - $330
  • HD Oil Temperature Dip Stick - Chrome - $110
  • HD Fuel Tank Fitting Cover - $32
  • HD Finned Headbolt Bridge - $60
  • HD Throttle Cable Clip - $35
  • HD Brake Caliper HD Logo Inserts - $17
  • Stainless Steel Throttle Cables - $140
  • Stainless Steel Brake Cables - $160
  • Stainless Steel Clutch Cables - $125
  • Custom Passenger Grab Rails - $200
  • Custom High Output Headlight - $90
  • Custom POW/MIA Shifter Rod - $110
  • Custom POW/MIA Gas Cap Door - $100
  • Kuryakyn ISO Grips - $80
  • Kuryakyn Passenger ISO Pegs & Foot Brackets - $190
  • Kuryakyn Chrome Trigger Levers - $70
  • Rinehart Tru Duals - $1100
  • Rinehart Chrome Tips - $150

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AND UPGRADES - $16,000 (Approximate with Tax & Labor)


Note #1: With an initial purchase cost new of about $21,000, upgrades totaling $16,000 and the Roadsmith Trike Cost of $15,500, there is a total of about $52,500 invested in this very nice Ultra Classic Trike..!!


Note #2: At what I have it priced at, you are saving nearly $30,000..!! That is the way to purchase a very cool Trike..!! Let the other person spend all the money, and you buy it at WAY less than HALF the price!


MY PRICE: $22,950 (A very good buy..!!)