SORRY - This super-nice 05 Electra Glide CVO


Findlay, Ohio for $22,950..!!

$46,500 Invested!!  TONS of Upgrades!!  SUPER NICE!!




As far as I'm concerned, the 05 CVO Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide is simply the ultimate combination of features, options and performance of the touring CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes that Harley Davidson has ever put together..! This is definitely a very popular color, (Two-Tone Sunrise Yellow Pearl and Stingray Silver), of the three colors available in '05. (This bike really stands out in a crowd!)

This, of course, is also the last year you can get the CVO Electra Glide with the painted-to-match-quick-release Tour Pak, and also with the Stealth Luggage rack that looks so cool when the Tour Pak is off..! (Of course it also has the drivers removable/adjustable Back Rest and the Passenger Back Rest that you can put on if you want to travel "two-up" but without the Tour Pak.)


You can load this bike up with Luggage and/or Gear and head out on a trip with your significant other and ride in total comfort..! Yet, if you are wanting to "kick around town with your buddies", you simply remove the Tour Pak, (which you can do in a matter of seconds), and now you have an aggressive looking "solo" bike that looks extremely nice and will obviously out-perform and accelerate most of the other bikes you will run in to. How can you beat that combo..?

This particular SUPER NICE Two Tone Sunrise Yellow Pearl & Stingray Silver Electra Glide CVO has had excellent care, and has only 12,221 miles. It's always been stored inside and has a TON of upgrades added! (Over $14,000 worth!) It includes everything from major HD Engine Upgrades, to Chrome, Lighting, Comfort, and other items. It has about $4000 in HD Dealership Engine Upgrades such as Wiseco Pistons, Andrews Gear Drive Cams, Horsepower Inc Throttle Body, 1.4 KW Chrome HD Starter, Compression Releases, Rinehart Tru Duals, EFI Race Tuner and much more. After all the work was done at the Harley Dealer where it was sold new before even being picked up, it was dynoed at about 115 HP and about 121 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. Needless, to say this bagger moves right down the road..!!


It also has many other items, such as the Kuryakyn Panacea (Run, Turn, Brake), LED Tail Light and LED Turn Signals (front and rear,) a VERY COOL additional Light Bar added under the Tour Pak which has a Strobe Feature for both the Brake Lights and Turn Signals, (I have a video of it working - and this feature adds a huge Safety Factor to the rear of the motorcycle), In addition, it has the Visor Style Trim Rings on the Headlight & Passing Lamps, REAL Chrome Inner Primary (not just a cover), Chrome Neck Cover and the list goes on and on...! I have itemized most of the features in the list below, so you can see what the majority of them are and the related cost.


With the original cost of over $32,500, (with Sales Tax, License, and Dealer Setup Fee), and the additional $14,000 spent in Add-ons and Accessories, there is a Total Investment of over $46,500 spent on this VERY nice 05 Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO.


Engine: (All work done at Harley Davidson Dealership when motorcycle was purchased new.)

  • Heads Flowed, Ported and Polished (five angle valve job)
  • Wiseco Forged Teflon Coated Pistons (10.5:1 Compression)
  • Andrews Gear Drive High Performance 55 "G" Cams
  • Horsepower Inc. Throttle Body (51 mm.)
  • HD EFI Race Tuner
  • HD Compression Releases
  • And, much more...
  • Dynoed at 115 HP, 121 Ft. Lbs. of Torque

Total Engine Upgrades - $4000 (Approximate with Tax and Labor)


Additional Upgrades and Accessories Added (Partial List)...

  • HD Chrome 1.4kw Starter - $530
  • HD Digital Oil Dipstick Gauge - $150
  • HD Chrome Inner Primary (real - not a cover) - $300
  • HD Chrome Timer Cover Screw Kit - $14
  • HD Chrome Derby Cover Screw Kit - $14
  • HD Chrome Primary Cover Bolt Kit - $60
  • HD Chrome Gearcase/Front Sprocket Cover Kit - $45
  • HD Chrome Transmission Cover Bolt Kit - $55
  • HD Chrome Cam Cover Hardware Kit - $33
  • HD Chrome Lifter Block Kit - $21
  • HD Chrome Rocker Box Covers - $30
  • HD Front Dual Chrome Brake Calipers - $790
  • HD Chrome Tour Pak Luggage Rack - $150
  • HD Tour Pack Fitted Liners - $90
  • HD Saddle Bag Fitted Liners - $150
  • HD Tour Pak Lid Organizer - $90
  • HD Saddle Bag Lid Organizers - $80
  • HD Saddle Bag Carry Out Bags - $60
  • HD Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat - $300
  • HD Adjustable Auxiliary Passenger Footboard Mounts - $240
  • HD Billet Engine Guard Footpeg Mounting Kit - $100
  • HD Airfoil Highway Pegs - $80
  • HD Chrome Switch Cap Kit - $20
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Hardware Kit - $18
  • HD Chrome Fairing Speaker Covers - $31
  • HD Chrome Radio & Gauge Faceplate Trim - $28
  • HD Smooth Push-Button Fuel Tank Console Door Release - $30
  • HD Master Cylinder Clamp Thermometer - $60
  • HD Chrome Cylinder Base Cover - $60
  • HD Fairing Chrome Switch Panel Accent Cover - $50
  • HD New Rear Tire (only 1400 miles on it) - $240
  • HD New Front Tire (only 400 miles on it) - $240
  • HD Visor Style Chrome Headlight Trim Ring - $43
  • HD Visor Style Chrome Passing Trim Rings - $60
  • HD Stainless Steel Chrome Windshield Trim - $90
  • HD Tall Clear Windshield - $135
  • HD Clutch Ferrule and Banjo Bolt Cover Kit - $29
  • HD Chrome Throttle & Idle Cable Adjuster Dust Covers - $60
  • HD Windshield Two Pocket Windshield Pouch - $100
  • HD Boom! Audio Shorty Am/FM Antenna - $30
  • HD Adjustable Fairing Air Deflectors - $110
  • Amber LED Decorative Engine & Frame Lighting (10 Pods) - $320
  • Engine Stabilizer - (motorcycle handles better) - $50
  • Rinehart True Duals - $1100
  • LED Light in Tour Pak - $125
  • Drink Holder Lower Fairing Snap Covers - $60
  • Sirius Satellite Antennae Mounted Inside Fairing - $60
  • Kuryakyn Chrome Neck Cover - $170
  • Kuryakyn Front LED Turn Signals - $140
  • Kuryakyn Rear LED Turn Signals - $140
  • Kuryakyn Panacea LED Tail Light (turn, brake, stop) - $200
  • LED Strobe Light Bar Under Tour Pack - $600

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AND UPGRADES - $14,000+ (Approximate with Tax & Labor)


As you can see, that is one heck of a list of upgrades! They range from substantial Power and Torque upgrades, to lots of Chrome, items of Convenience, and even Lighting Safety Enhancements to name just a few!


The bottom line is this! With the total original investment of approximately $46,500 and with it priced at only $22,950 that is a savings to you of nearly $24,000..!! That's the way to buy a motorcycle!!


Let the other guy spend all the money on the very cool upgrades and enhancements, save the nearly $24,000 and YOU reap the benefits at less than HALF of the original cost...!!


MY PRICE: $22,950 (Priced to sell quickly...)