SORRY - This super-nice 05 Screamin' Eagle CVO


Linesville, PA for $16,950..!!

One Owner..5,082 Actual Miles..$3000 in Engine Upgrades!



As far as I'm concerned, the 05 CVO Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide is simply the ultimate combination of features, options and performance of the touring CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes that Harley Davidson has ever put together..! This is definitely the most hard to find color combo, (Two-Tone Light Candy Teal and Dark Candy Teal), of the three colors available in '05. (This bike really stands out in a crowd!)


This, of course, is also the last year you can get the CVO Electra Glide with the painted-to-match-quick-release Tour Pak, and also with the Stealth Luggage rack that looks so cool when the Tour Pak is off..!


You can load this bike up with Luggage and/or Gear and head out on a trip with your significant other and ride in total comfort..! Yet, if you are wanting to "kick around town with your buddies", you simply remove the Tour Pak, (which you can do in a matter of seconds), and now you have an aggressive looking "solo" bike that looks extremely nice and will obviously out-perform and accelerate most of the other bikes you will run in to. That's a great combination..!!


This particular SUPER NICE Two-Tone Light Candy Teal and Dark Candy Teal Electra Glide CVO has had excellent care, is a ONE OWNER, and has only 5,087 ACTUAL MILES. It's always been stored inside and has a a lot of upgrades added!


They include the HD Hex Head Stainless Bolt Conversion Kit, and the upgraded HD Stage One Air Cleaner Kit & Special Air Cleaner Cover, a set of D&D Boarzilla 2 into 1 Exhaust, an HD Chrome Visor Style Headlight Trim Ring, the HD Chrome Visor Style Passing Trim Lamp Trim Ring Kit, the HD Chrome Visor Style Turn Signal Trim Rings, the HD Highway Peg Mounting Kit 360 Degrees (Chrome, Adjustable), the HD Logo Travel Pegs, the HD Stainless Windshield Trim, and much more. I have itemized most of the features in the list below, so you can see what the majority of them are and the related cost.


But the BEST PART of all about this bike is what you DON'T SEE..!! This bike had about $3000 spent on Factory Harley Upgrades to the Engine at the local Dealer where he purchased it brand new. With the D&D 2 into 1 Exhaust, the upgraded Air Cleaner System, the EFI Race Tuner, and the Engine Modifications, this CVO is a REAL SLEEPER! I can about guarantee you no one in your group of riding buddies will be able to outrun you. And no one will even know you have that kind of Torque and Horsepower..!!


I don't have Dyno Sheets for it, but the original owner told me he simply had to be the fastest in his riding group! And from my own experience of driving this bike, I can tell you it will lift the front end of the ground in second gear if you are so inclined!! So, there you go, a fairly stock looking "sleeper" 05 Electra Glide CVO Screamin' Eagle in the very hard to find Teal Color Combo that will smoke all the competition, AND a one-owner with only 5087 ACTUAL MILES..!! How can you beat that setup!!??


Finally, this super nice 05 HD CVO Electra Glide CVO also includes the following Factory Items with the sale: The Original Gold Key, the Original Owner's Manual, the Original CVO Cloth Cover, two sets of Key Fobs and Barrel Keys, the Original Garage Door Opener, and the Quick Release Passenger Back Rest for riding with the Tour Pak removed. All items are in great condition..!!


With the original cost of over $32,500, (with Sales Tax, License, and Dealer Setup Fee), and the additional $6,500 spent in Add-ons and Accessories, there is a Total Investment of over $39,000 spent on this VERY nice 05 Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO.


Additional Upgrades and Accessories Added (Partial List)...

  • HD Engine Upgrades (Cams, Head Work etc.) - $3000
  • HD EFI Race Tuner Kit and (2) Dyno Runs - $750
  • HD Screamin' Eagle Stage One Kit - $170
  • HD Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner (Custom Paint) - $200
  • HD Stainless Windshield Moulding - $85
  • HD Long Angled Highway Peg Mount Kit - $120
  • HD Rubber Insert Logo Highway Pegs - $70
  • HD Chrome Visor Style Headlight Trim Ring - $45
  • HD Chrome Visor Style Passing Lamp Trim Rings - $60
  • HD Chrome Visor Style Front Turn Signal Trim  - $37
  • HD Chrome Visor Style Rear Turn Signal Trim  - $37
  • HD Push-Button Fuel Tank Console Door Release - $30
  • HD Stainless 12 Point Bolt Kit - $187
  • HD Chrome License Plate Cover - $17
  • HD Chrome License Plate Bolt Kit $12
  • HD Boom! Audio Shorty Am/FM Antenna - $30
  • D&D Boarzilla 2 into 1 Exhaust - $1100

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AND UPGRADES - $6,500+ (Approximate with Tax & Labor)


As you can see, that is a nice list of upgrades! They range from substantial Power and Torque upgrades, to lots of Chrome.


The bottom line is this! With the total original investment of approximately $39,000 and with it priced at only $17,450 that is a savings to you of over $21,550..!! That's the way to buy a motorcycle!!


Let the other guy spend all the money on the very cool upgrades and enhancements, save the over $20,000 and YOU reap the benefits at only a FRACTION of the original cost...!!


MY PRICE: $18,950 (Reduced to $17,450..!!)