SORRY - This super-nice 07 Ultra Classic CVO


Conde, South Dakota for $24,500..!!

6,043 Actual Miles!...One Owner...$6500 in Upgrades...



This a ONE-OWNER 07 Ultra Classic CVO in the very nice Light Candy Cherry & Black Ice color combination. The color is very cool even at first glance, but when you see it in the sunlight it REALLY comes alive. There is subtle metal flake fading from the Light Candy to the Black Ice Color which one doesn't see it until you are up close - looks awesome! It has been stored in a Climate Controlled Environment its entire life, and has had superb care. (It is literally like new yet.)


In addition, this beautiful Ultra Classic CVO has only 6,043 ACTUAL MILES..!! It was owned by a well-to-do gentleman that only rode it occasionally, and mostly with a very good friend of his that owned the identical bike. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected sudden-onset health issues, the owner could no longer ride the motorcycle. The gentleman's son ultimately inherited the bike, but since the son was not a "Harley guy", the best friend purchased the motorcycle from him immediately, so he could have some control over who ultimately owned the motorcycle.


The gentleman's best friend owned it for a while, with plans of eventually selling it to someone that he knew would treat it with the care and respect it had received its entire life. I knew I could find a great home for it, since my customers are always looking for the Cream of the Crop, and that is why they come to Ron's Rad Rides in the first place..!!


So here is your opportunity to own an extremely nice decked out 07 Ultra Classic Screamin' Eagle CVO, that's had the very best of care, in a great color combo with VERY low miles and lot's of nice upgrades.


Also included are the following Factory items: CVO Cloth Cover, Key Fob, Barrel Key, EFI Race Tuner Module, Owner's Manuals, Navigation CD, Garage Door Opener, Tour Pak Carry Out Bag, and Saddlebag Carry Out Bags.


Once again, I am not exaggerating when I say this bike is literally LIKE NEW YET..!! I have not been able to find any flaws on the motorcycle - it truly does look like it just rolled off the show-room floor.


The additions and upgrades include the following (this is only a portion of them)...

  • HD Real Inner Primary (not a chrome cover) - $450
  • HD EFI Race Tuner (with 2 Dyno Runs) - $750
  • HD Stage One Kit Air Cleaner Kit - $175
  • HD Dual Front Chrome Calipers - $800
  • HD Chrome Calipers Hardware Kit - $45
  • HD Chrome Banjo Bolt Covers (4) - $88
  • HD Chrome Rocker Box Bolt Covers - $30
  • HD Digital Oil Temperature Dipstick (Lighted)- $110
  • HD Chrome Cable Adjuster Dust Covers - $60
  • HD Chrome Cable Clamp - $40
  • HD Chrome Switch Cap Kit - $27
  • HD Chrome Tail Light Collar - $36
  • HD Audio/CB Shorty Antennas - $60
  • HD Headlight Trim Ring (Visor Style) - $43
  • HD Passing Lamp Trim Rings (Visor Style) - $60
  • HD Turn Signal Trim Rings - Front (Visor Style) - $36
  • HD Turn Signal Trim Rings - Rear (Visor Style) - $36
  • HD Fuel Tank Console Door Chrome Push Button Release - $28
  • HD Highway Peg Mounting Brackets - $99
  • HD Ironsides Collection Highway Pegs - $150
  • HD Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover - $43
  • HD Fairing Adjustable Wind Deflector Kit - $110
  • HD Premium Saddlebag Liner Kit - $190
  • HD Premium Tour Pak Liner Kit - $90
  • HD Premium King Tour Pak Travel Bag - $60
  • HD Premium Saddlebag Travel Bag - $60
  • HD Radio and Gauge Face Plate Trim - $29
  • HD Fairing Chrome Front Speaker Trim - $33
  • HD Chrome Rear Speaker Trim - $40
  • HD Stainless Bar & Shield Windshield Trim - $80
  • Supertrapp Exhaust with Billet Tips - $750
  • Hot Topper Complete Chrome Kit- $385

TOTAL UPGRADES AND ACCESSORIES: $6500 (Approximate including Sales Tax and Labor)


Note #1: Keep this in mind - MSRP on this motorcycle was $33,500 and when you add Sales Tax, Plate Fees, Dealer Prep, Delivery Fees, and the Upgrades and Accessories that have been added, you are looking at an initial investment of approximately $43,000..!!


Note #2: This is a great way to save a TON of CASH and pick up a pristine 07 Ultra Classic CVO with only 6,043 Actual Miles, about $6500 in Accessories and Upgrades, for only a FRACTION of what was invested. For what I have it priced at, you are saving about $18,000, and this motorcycle IS essentially like new yet..!! Tough to beat, right?


MY PRICE: $24,950

(Priced at only a fraction of original investment..!!)