SORRY - This super-nice 08 Street Glide Skulltour


Andrews, Texas for $26,500..!!



Are you looking for one VERY COOL Customized Street Glide ? Well, guess what - YOU FOUND IT!! This SKULLTOUR Street Glide is one SUPER NICE RIDE..!! The original owner purchased this bike new, decided he wanted a bike that was different from every other Street Glide on the road, and consequently took it to Klock Werks Kustoms in Mitchell, SD to have a full-blown custom transformation completed.


What I particularly like about this bike is the fact it is most definitely a "one-of-a-kind" Street Glide and very unique, but it is not over the top or gaudy, like so many bikes are when they are customized. In my opinion, just the right amount of modifications were done that combined to make it really stand out in a crowd, and make a very "tricked out" statement.


In keeping with the Skull Theme of the bike, if you look close, you will see that there are small, almost "ghost" skulls hiding in most all of the Blue areas on the bike. These areas include the Inner Fairing, the Blue section on the Gas Tank, the lower Blue section on the Saddle Bags, the lower Blue Section on the Front Fender, and even the small Blue stripe on the Outer Front Fairing contains one tiny skull. Isn't that cool..??!!

Hey - and you can't forget about tunes..!! This sweet ride has the Hawg Wired DCS Series 120W (2x60) Amplifier, and the matching Hawg Wired SX Series 4 Ohm Component Speakers. So not only will you LOOK COOL, but you will be "rockin' out" as well. There was nothing missed on this sweet Street Glide..!


Also notice the recessed Amber Round LED Turn Signals in the Chrome Trim Cover on the Front Forks and also the same matching design Red Round LED Turn Signals in the rear Filler Panels between the Saddle Bags. Small and subtle, but VERY NICE!

In addition, check out the very cool Adjure 7" Ironcross Skull Headlight and the Spade LED Recessed Tail Light. (Both the Round LED Signals and the Spade Tail Light are VERY BRIGHT since they are both LED. (It looks awesome at night!)

Finally, take a close look at the Auto Meter Klock Werks Custom Gauges. Of course you get the Speedo, Tach, Fuel and Amp Gauges, but you also get both Oil Temp AND Oil Pressure Gauges. Everything you need to REALLY monitor all systems on the bike. And the coolest thing is, they light up Blue to match the color theme on the bike. (These gauges are $1500 alone..!!) COOL!!



The other very special thing about this bike is the fact it was personally sketched and conceptualized by Mark Brodie, owner of Mark Brodie Fine Art of Scottsdale, Arizona. He really is an amazing artist!


Here is an excerpt from Mark's website...


"At age 14, I began painting my own designs on cars, Brodie says." His career took off when he began designing paint schemes for yachts, cars, motorcoaches and motorcycles owned by some Nascar drivers, including Dale Earnhardt Jr., and his father, the late Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, and Jeremy Mayfield.

In 2003 Nascar sought the artist out and invited him to transform all their automotive designs from Winston to Nextel. Since then, Brodie has been the go-to automotive artist for NASCAR. “Mark has an unmatched ability to deliver the right amount of punch, excitement and detail to every design,” says NASCAR President Mike Helton.


After Brodie designed the colors and graphics for five of Helton's $1 Million motorcoaches, Helton asked him to design NASCAR'S 2007 logos. Brodie works directly with NASCAR drivers on designs and colors. After hand drawing each scheme - he does not use a computer - he simply sells the concept drawing rights and colors to his clients, and a manufacturer does the actual painting. Brodie, however, does the pin-striping and painting for smaller jobs, like motorcycles and yachts.


Using the canvas as he would a vehicle, Brodie juxtaposes vibrant colors with metal, an approach that catches the eye and demands attention. "My artwork represents who I am and how I feel,” says Brodie.


When you are looking through the pictures of this awesome bike, check out Mark's "Original Sketch" of the bike when it was conceived. (Mark personally emailed this to me.)


This SKULLTOUR Street Glide was shown by Klock Werks in Sturgis and other areas as an example of their expertise in building VERY COOL baggers. After seeing it, American Bagger Magazine wanted to do a Layout Presentation of the bike, so it was photographed and featured in the magazine in 2011. (I have included some pictures from American Bagger Magazine in my group of photos.)


With over $45,000 invested in this bike, and having only 6200 miles on it, this is one SUPER BUY for the price I have it listed at. You are saving OVER $17,000 by purchasing it now, compared to what the original owner had spent on the bike. PLUS, he personally knew both Brian Klock and Mark Brodie, and to duplicate this bike now would undoubtedly cost you way more, and probably take a year or two to build. (IF, you could even get these two VERY WELL known artists/builders to even commission one for you.) So, as you can see, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get a GREAT BUY on a GREAT CUSTOM STREET GLIDE..!!


Here is a PARTIAL list of the customization/fabrication of this very cool SKULLTOUR Street Glide:

  • 08 HD Street Glide New Original Cost - $20,000
  • Custom Paint & Pin Striping by Klock Werks/Mark Brodie - $6000
  • Performance Machine "Torque" (21" Front, 18" Rear Wheels) & Matching Rotors - $3500
  • Metzeler Marathon ME 880 Tires (150/70-18 Rear, 120/70-21 Front) - $400
  • Front Wheel Chrome Spacer Kit - $80
  • Performance Machine Matching Air Cleaner - $450
  • Klock Werks Autometer Custom Gauges - $1500
  • Klock Werks Custom Console - $400
  • Klock Werks Flare Windshield - $180
  • Klock Werks Level Front Fender - $250
  • Klock Werks Benchmark Rear Fender 6" - $430
  • Klock Werks Filler Upper Smooth Stamped - $170
  • Klock Werks Lower Filler Extension + Smooth Round - $130
  • Klock Werks Streamliner Undercover Footboard Trim - $75
  • Klock Werks Spade Tail Light Weld in Pocket - $65
  • Klock Werks Doubleback Header Exhaust - $530
  • Klock Werks Ergo Handlebars - $200
  • Klock Werks Revolver Mufflers - $600
  • Klock Werks Round LED Red Marker Lights - $200
  • Klock Werks Round LED Amber Marker Lights - $200
  • Klock Werks Spade Tail Light - $240
  • Klock Werks Chrome Spade Timer Cover - $70
  • Klock Werks Silver Mesh Speaker Grilles - $25
  • Klock Werks License Plate Holder (Lighted) - $200
  • Klock Werks Bag Latch Skull Chrome - $150
  • Skull with Wings Medallion (2) - $26
  • Adjure 7" IronCross Skull Headlight - $110
  • Hawg Wired DCS Series 120W Amplifier, SX Series Speakers - $676
  • HD Chrome Inner Primary Cover - $140
  • HD Cylinder Base Cover - $55
  • HD Chrome Headbolt Bridge Covers - $55
  • HD Front Fork Lowering Kit - $106
  • HD Chrome Hand Lever Kit - $140
  • HD Chrome Headlight Trim - $37
  • HD Windshield Molding Stainless Steel - $80
  • HD Engine/Transmission Interface & Top Cover Kit - $100
  • HD Willie G. Skull Rider Footboard - $100
  • HD Willie G. Skull Footpeg Kit - $60
  • HD Willie G. Skull Brake Pedal Pad - $70
  • HD Willie G. Skull Hand Grips - $90
  • HD Willie G. Skull Shifter Pegs - $15
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Kit - $130
  • HD Chrome Passenger Foot Board Mount Kit - $110
  • HD Chrome Clutch Bracket & Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit - $330
  • Kuryakyn Right Rear Lower Frame Cover - $70
  • Kuryakyn ISO Foot Peg with Quick Clamp - $140
  • Custom "Spade" Shift Linkage - $150
  • Packing & Shipping Painted Products - $430
  • Street Glide Seat Custom Fabricated/Upholstered by Bill Knox - $400
  • Labor (Sublet and In-house) - $5854
  • Shop Supplies - $60
  • Round Chrome Horn Cover - $35
  • Rocker Gasket Kit (2)- $42
  • 25 MM Flush Mount Axle - $130
  • Fairing Seals (2) - $11
  • Fork Oil - $10
  • E-Throttle - $60
  • Shifter Spacer Kit - $30

TOTAL CUSTOMIZING, CHROME AND ACCESSORIES: $45,000+ (Approximate with Tax and Labor)


MY PRICE: $27,950 (This is a BARGAIN..!!)