SORRY - This super-nice 10 Road Glide



Chandler, Arizona for $28,750..!!

$54,000 Investment..Looks Great..Rides Great..!!

2010 HD Road Glide Customized


This is one WAY COOL 2010 Road Glide..!! And., here is an opportunity to save a TON of money on this very professionally built custom Bagger. The gentlemen that owned and had it custom-built had in excess of $54,000 invested! And.., that is even after having "very good connections" with most of the vendors and especially Saber's Specialties, of Mitchell, SD who built it for him. (He has known them for years and only lives about 60 miles from their shop).


Note: If you're not familiar with Saber's Specialties, consider this: The Sturgis, SD Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation awarded Sabers Specialties the contract to build the official custom motorcycle of both the 2007 and 2008 Sturgis Rally. So.., needless to say, these guys are professionals, and know how to build a custom motorcycle RIGHT! When they fabricate a new build, it is with meticulous precision and no shortcuts are taken.


Obviously then, this Road Glide was built correct and professionally. The most important aspect of building a "big front wheel" Bagger is maintaining the proper Rake and Geometry of the frame to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. This Glide was built in the right manner. Even though it has the 26" Front Wheel, because of the correct assembly and engineering, it rides like a stock 10 Road Glide, and can be taken on an extended road trip with comfort and enjoyment. It LOOKS radical but rides GREAT!


For the record, there are a LOT of very scary big wheel "bagger" fabrication projects for sale on the internet and elsewhere, but many of the amateur and/or "backyard builders" simply did not take the proper steps to rake the Frame Neck, and did not use the correct extended Fork Legs Kit, and neglected to take numerous other important steps that are necessary to ultimately retain the integrity of the Motorcycle Frame after completion. You don't have to be concerned about that with this bike - just get on, ride and enjoy - it is built the right way!


This cool Road Glide now has a 106" Big Bore Kit added with Fueling HP and Lifter Tappet Set, a set of Fueling Reaper 574C Chain Drive Cams, a SE Cam Plate Kit, cool looking Roland Sands Rocker Box, Cam & Derby Cover combined with a Thunder Max Tuner and Paul Yaffe Phantom Exhaust. (This combination only has about 2000 miles on it.) Other top name brand Vendors include HHI Builder's Kit, Leg Set & Front Fender, an R.C. Components 26" Widow Eclipse Front Wheel, cool Arlen Ness Rad II Mirrors & Inverted Air Cleaner, a Paul Yaffe Stretched Tank, a set of Top Shop Extended Bags, a Klock Werks Rear Fender, very cool Dakota Digital Gauge Set, a Sony Deck with Blue Tooth & I-Pod, a killer Soundz Level IV Audio System with Focal Speakers, rear Legend Air Ride Suspension, and the list goes on and on. ONLY top name Components were used in the build of this Road Glide!


There are so many Custom things that have been done to this bike, it's impossible to list everything, but here is just a short list of some of the Components that were used/added during and after the fabrication...

  • R.C. Components 26" Widow Eclipse Front Wheel / Matching Rotor - $2100
  • R.C. Components Widow Eclipse Front Rotor - $390
  • 26" Front Tire - $211
  • Arlen Ness Rad II Mirrors - $70
  • Arlen Ness Inverted Series Air Cleaner - $400
  • Performance Machine Renthal Grips - $140
  • HHI Neck Rake Builders Kit for Front End - $1200
  • HHI Lower Leg Set - $563
  • HHI 26" Front Fender - $450
  • HHI Fairing Mount Kit 26" Wheel - Road Glide - $375
  • Drop Seat Panels - $400
  • Fork Tube Set for Raked Front End - $230
  • Stampede Insta Pan Seat Pan Kit - $145
  • Drop Seat Side Panels - $400
  • Big Baller Gauge Housing Kit - $248
  • Paul Yaffe Original Stretched Tank - $770
  • Biker's Choice Drop Seat Frame Kit - $1000
  • Top Shop Stretched Bags - $800
  • Klock Werks Rear Fender - $500
  • License Plate Frame - $210
  • Wedgy Floor Board Kit - $400
  • Diamond Black Shifter Peg - $21
  • Diamond Black Foot Peg - $84
  • Diamond Black Brake Pedal Pad - $53
  • LED Red Oval Turn Signal Lights - $354
  • Dakota Digital Gauge Set - $1300
  • Dakota Digital Black Bezel Kit - $100
  • Custom Plus Complete Motorcycle Paint Job - $8000
  • Smitty's Custom Graphics Paint Work - $580
  • SE High Flow Air Filter Element - 380
  • Thunder Max Tuner - $1100
  • 106" Big Bore Kit - $675
  • Fueling HP and Lifter Tappet Set - $159
  • Fueling Reaper 574C Chain Drive Cams - $337
  • SE Cam Plate Kit - $429
  • Roland Sands Rocker Box Covers - $500
  • Roland Sands Cam Cover - $330
  • Roland Sands Derby Cover - $150
  • Jay Brake Six Piston Front Brake Caliper - $410
  • New Commander II Rear Tire - $295
  • New HD Cruise Control Kit - $315
  • Sony Deck w/ Blue Tooth and I-Pod - $450
  • Soundz Level IV Audio System - $2000
  • Legend Air Ride LoPro Rear Suspension - $1600
  • Paul Yaffe Phantom Exhaust - $1300
  • Scowl Fairing Extension - $160
  • Saber's Custom Handlebars - $400
  • Saber's Custom Seat - $325
  • Saber's Custom Chin Spoiler - $450
  • Black Hot Topper Kit - $154
  • Black Powder Coat - Miscellaneous Parts - $833
  • Labor for Custom Fabrication - $8,000
  • Miscellaneous Parts/Items added - $2000
  • Original 10 Road Glide Cost - $12,000
  • And, many more items that are too numerous to list...

TOTAL CUSTOM FABRICATON AND PARTS INVESTMENT  $54,000+ (Approximate with Tax and Labor)


Note: This custom Road Glide had well over a YEAR of time invested in the build. The great thing about buying it now is that you don't have to endure that wait time (you couldn't even get it built by the same builder now), and you are saving in excess of $25,000..!!


And.., this bike only has about 2000 miles on the Engine upgrades, and only about 10,000 total on the entire bike. That's a SWEET DEAL..!!


MY PRICE: $28,950

(Priced at nearly half of original investment..!!)