SORRY - This super-nice 11 Tri-Glide Customized


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One-Owner...120R Engine...Legend Air Ride...SUPER NICE!

11 Tri-Glide Ultra Classic Customized

You will never find another Tri-Glide Ultra Classic like this one. This is a One-Owner Trike, and the original owner just simply got out his checkbook and did what he wanted, with no shortcuts taken in both visual and performance upgrades. And.., it only has 9900 miles on it as well..!


He wanted a Trike that didn't look like all the other Tri-Glides out there and also wanted super performance as well. And.., the cool thing is, he had EVERYTHING done at the local Harley Dealer where he bought the Trike brand new, so he knew they would back up the installation and operational features of the upgrades with their customer satisfaction he was accustomed to, since he had been doing business with them for years. To the next owner of this super nice Trike, that is very important too, since one then knows all upgrades were done with the consistency you could depend on getting at a competent Harley Davidson Dealer.


Here is just a "taste" of what the owner did to this super cool trike. (All of the parts and upgrades listed below are taken from the Harley Dealers Receipts of the work performed on the Tri-Glide at their Dealership.)


For starters, he had a complete 120R Engine Build performed on the original motor, at a cost of $11,125. (As you will see, this was done with ONLY the best of parts and machine work done at his Harley Dealer.)

Some Details of the 120R Engine Build (only about 1900 miles on Trike since this was done)...

  • "Crankworks" - Engine Cases converted to Timken, Flywheel balanced, trued and welded...
  • "Diamond Cut" Cylinders, Heads & Head Bolt Covers...
  • "Baisely" Heads Ported and Polished...
  • "Gaterman" Hydraulic Roller Lifters...
  • "HPI" 58mm Throttle Body...
  • "T-Man" Gear Drive 577 Camshafts...
  • 120" Pistons and Cylinders...
  • "TTS" Mastertune Tuner...
  • "SE" Piston Jets & Cylinder Heads...
  • "SE" Roller Rockers...
  • "SE" Oil Pump...
  • "SE" Inner Cam Bearings...
  • "SE" High Flow Injectors...
  • "Dynojet" - Dyno Runs...
  • and much more...

Why all the engine work you ask? Well here is why. Even though the Ultra Classic Tri Glides are very well designed by Harley Davidson, they are inherently lacking in horsepower and torque, simply because they weigh 1157 pounds (dry weight). Whereas, the Ultra Classic, only weighs in at 852 pounds (dry weight), so that makes the Tri Glide 305 pounds heavier than the two wheel Ultra Classic motorcycle! Think about it - that is a considerable amount of weight! Now, also consider the following: Most Tri Glide owners ride with a passenger, extra gear in the Tour Pak and even more gear in the lower rear storage compartment of the trike. (Not to mention the fact that many of them pull a trailer as well.)


Now, add all of that weight up, and consider how much more load that is placing on the engine. It would be fine for solo riding, but when you add yourself, a passenger, extra gear, as well as 305 more pounds (dry weight), and you get in a situation where you need extra horsepower to pass, or ride up a long incline, or deal with a strong headwind, you do the math. You are underpowered! And, there is nothing more frustrating and potentially unsafe than that.


Well, with this Tri Glide you will NEVER have to worry about power or torque deficiency. In addition.., you are now riding in a safer situation, since you will HAVE the power to pass quickly, battle a headwind, or handle a long hill or mountain. Now, do you understand why the money was spent on the engine! The unique thing about this Tri-Glide is the fact that most people can't afford or justify spending the significant additional money it takes to do the engine work, so they just live with the power shortage. That is why this Tri Glide with the 120" engine, as well as all the other super cool accessories is really the ultimate Trike. You are reaping the benefits of all the money spent on the Powertrain and the other upgrades but only at a fraction of the initial cost!!


In addition to the engine upgrades, he also added Legend Air Ride ($1900), Dakota Digital Gauges ($1300), had Performance Machine 18" Front & Rear "Wrath" matching Wheels and Rotors installed ($3800), added a 7" Daymaker LED Headlight ($525) and 4" Daymaker LED Auxiliary Lamps ($400), and the Electra Glo Passenger Footboard Cover Kit ($180), as well as the Electra Glo Rider Footboard Inserts ($209), and Electra Glo Passenger Footboard Inserts ($180).


He also added a Chrome Clutch Bracket & Master Cylinder Kit ($400), Chrome Hand Control Lever Kit ($140), Scripted Custom Gear Shift Linkage ($130), and Chrome Lower Fork Sliders ($450). He upgraded to the Bar & Shield Upper Fork Slider Covers ($95), Chrome Inner Primary Cover ($150), and a Chrome Oil Cooler Cover Kit installed ($60). He had a Boom! Audio Control and Independent Auxiliary Light Wiring Harnesses installed, ($145) and upgraded the Sound System to the Boom! Audio Fairing Lower Speaker Kit ($300), the Boom! Audio Rear Speaker Trim ($40), and the Boom! Bagger Tour Pak Rear Speaker Kit ($170). He also added Chrome Premium Tour Pak Hinges ($53), the super comfortable Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable Seat ($740), and the Transparent Paint Guard Kit ($130), and the list goes on and on...!!


There are certainly other 11 Tri-Glides available for sale, but you will have the ONLY one that is all tricked out like this one. And that is the cool thing about it. It looks like a relatively stock Tri-Glide from a distance, other than the very cool Performance Machine Wrath Wheels , but then when you get up close and see all the things that have been added/upgraded to the Trike, you see what a unique and one-of-a-kind "ride" it is!


Here are the major items/upgrades. (This is only a partial list, because there are simply way too many upgrades/features to list them all individually...)

  • HD 120R Engine Build (see details above) - $11,125
  • HD 7" Daymaker LED Headlight - $525
  • HD 4" Daymaker LED Auxiliary Lamps - $400
  • HD Stealth Hand Grips - $100
  • HD Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit - $140
  • HD Skull Highway Pegs - $60
  • HD Adjustable Passenger Footpeg Mounts - $240
  • HD Electra Glo Rider Footboard Inserts - $209
  • HD Electra Glo Passenger Footboard Cover Kit - $180
  • HD Chrome Clutch Bracket & Master Cylinder Kit - $400
  • HD Chrome Hand Control Lever Kit - $140
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Kit - $150
  • HD Scripted Custom Gear Shift Linkage - $130
  • HD Chrome Lower Fork Sliders - $450
  • HD Bar & Shield Upper Fork Slider Covers - $95
  • HD Bar & Shield Fender Skirt - $60
  • HD Chrome Front Axle Cover - $43
  • HD Chrome Oil Cooler Cover Kit - $60
  • HD Boom! Audio Control & Independentnesses - $145
  • HD Boom! Audio Fairing Lower Speaker Kit - $300
  • HD Boom! Audio Rear Speaker Trim - $40
  • HD Boom! Bagger Tour Pak Rear Speaker Kit - $170
  • HD Boom! Shorty Antenna (2) - $60
  • HD Chrome Premium Tour Pak Hinges - $53
  • HD Chrome Windshield Trim - $45
  • HD Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable Seat - $740
  • HD Transparent Paint Guard Kit - $130
  • HD Chrome Inner Primary (real - not a cover)- $450
  • HD Visor Style Headlight Trim Ring - $45
  • HD Visor Style Passing Lamp Trim Rings - $60
  • HD Visor Style Front Turn Signal Trim Rings - $37
  • HD Engine Heat Shields - (to match paint) - $175 (
  • HD Painted Inner Fairing (to match paint) - $200
  • HD Painted Lower Fairing (to match paint) - $220
  • HD LED King Tour Pak Smoked Tail Light Kit - $500
  • HD Tour Pak Side Marker Light Kit (smoked) - $120
  • HD LED Tail Lamps (pair-smoked) - $350
  • HD LED Front Turn Signals - $190
  • HD LED Chrome Trunk Fascia Accent Trim - $250
  • HD Chrome Rear Fender Trim Kit - $105
  • HD Finned Headbolt Bridge - $60
  • HD Chrome Oil Cooler Cover Kit - $60
  • HD Front Fender Smoked Lens Kit - $40
  • HD Front Fender "Harley Logo" Fender Skirt - $60
  • HD Three Pocket Windshield Pouch - $110
  • HD Chrome License Plate Frame - $17
  • HD Chrome Acorn Bolt Kit for License Plate - $12
  • LED Custom Engine/Frame/ Red Lighting Strips - $1000
  • Clearview Recurve Smoked Windshield - $100
  • Dakota Digital MCL-3006-R Gauges - $1300
  • Battistinis "C-Thru" Gauge Bezel Kit - $300
  • Kuryakyn Saddle Heat Shields - $70
  • Kuryakyn Large Trident Passenger ISO Pegs - $50
  • Kuryakyn Trunk Latch Chrome Accent Trim - $30
  • Legend Air Ride System - $1900
  • Soundz Bagger System Focal Speakers - $1100
  • Performance Machine "Wrath" Front 18" Wheel - $1300
  • Performance Machine "Wrath" Rear Wheels (2) - $1800
  • Performance Machine "Wrath" Front Rotors (2) - $660
  • Goodyear Eagle GT 215/45Z R-18 Rear Tires (2) - $500
  • Metzeler 140/70 B-18 Front Tire - $287
  • Mastertune 2 ECM Tuning Kit - $445
  • And many more items too numerous to mention...

TOTAL ACCESSORIES & UPGRADES - $31,000+ (Approximate with Tax & Labor)


So, as you can see, there is a TON of money invested in this bike. In fact, with the original purchase price of $32,000 + Taxes, Title, & Dealer Prep Fees, the original cost was approximately $34,000.


Then.., add the additional $31,000+ that has been spent on the Trike on Engine, Chrome, Paint and other accessories, there is at least a whopping $65,000 TOTAL invested..!!


If you ever wanted a "tricked out" Tri Glide, but couldn't justify spending the big bucks to get it there - well, here it is - with a savings to you of approximately $28,000..!! You know a deal when you see one - don't wait - when is another one like this going to come along..??!!


MY PRICE: $36,950 (Priced at nearly HALF of the original investment..!!)