SORRY - This super-nice 11 Street Glide


Henderson, NC for $21,000..!!

 $37,500 Invested..!! Ton's of Upgrades..!!

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This is one VERY SWEET Street Glide, and it is actually 3-BIKES-IN 1..!! First of all, it is a great-looking-chromed-out-around-town-Poker-Run cool Street Glide with a Sissy Bar for your lady. Oh, but wait, want to change seats and have just a solo ride for yourself (with or without the rider's backrest)? In just minutes you can do that too! Or, finally are you wanting to go on a cross country trip or even an overnight run and want some room for gear and clothes, etc., well guess what - you can do that as well!. Just pop on the Quick Detach King Tour Pack and Touring Seat and off you go on a super comfortable and ROOMY ride to parts unknown. Which one of your buddies has a Street Glide that will do all those things - especially while looking as cool as this bike does? Yes, that's right, probably none!


With this Street Glides' HD Removable King Tour Pak, Back Rest Pad, Air Wing Luggage Rack and Detachable Mounting Bracket ($1265), and the optional HD Hammock & Rider Touring Seat ($550), you can head out on a trip and have the same room you would have in an Ultra Classic. And yet, if you want to go on short trips and don't have a need for or want the Quick Detach Tour Pak, you can take it off in a matter of seconds, pop on the HD Passenger Back Rest ($315), and now you have a tricked out Street Glide to ride, without the extra weight hanging on the back.


It also has the HD Adjustable Back Rest Kit ($550), which provides superb back support for the Driver. This super nice Backrest has 4 different Vertical Positions as well as infinite forward and back adjustments available. This is a great addition to have on your Harley Touring Motorcycle. Most people don't add them however, simply because of their initial cost.


Then of course it also has the great looking HD Chrome Agitator Wheels, 18" in the rear, and 19" fronts, ($1600 with Installation Kits), matching HD Agitator Floating Rotors ($420), and HD Dunlop D408 and D407 matching Tires ($508), for a total of over $2500. Add in the complete HD Chrome Front End Kit ($570), the HD Custom Painted Inner Fairing ($500), the HD Chrome Clutch Bracket & Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit ($400), the HD Chrome Hand Control Lever Kit ($140), the HD Chrome & Rubber Hand Grips ($90), the HD Windsplitter Windshield ($165), the HD Bar & Shield Windshield Trim ($85), and many, many more chrome upgrades listed below.


Top the whole package off with HD Saddlebag Stretched Bottoms ($1300), the HD Saddlebag Speaker Lids ($440), the HD Boom! Audio Custom Touring ($1706), the HD Fairing Boom! Audio Amplifier Kit ($600), the HD Boom! Audio Saddle Bag Speaker Kit ($400), the HD Boom! Speaker Fairing 1 in. Tweeters ($140), the HD Billet "Edge Cut" Saddlebag Hinge Cover Kit ($140), the HD Chrome Oil Cooler Cover Kit ($60), the HD Heavy Breather Air Cleaner Kit w/ Gloss Black "Cut Back" Filter Cover ($520), the HD Visor Style Trim Rings for Headlight & Turn Signals ($119), and even more items in the following list. By the way, the Boom! Audio System sounds great! (I think you are starting see how much has been invested in this bike.)


It is also worth noting that the 2012 Street Glide had some upgrades from the 11 model year. Here are some of them: Increase in Horsepower and Torque by going to the 103 Engine, Lowered Rear Suspension, for example. With the Heavy Breather, Vance & Hides Headers, and "flow through" Slip-on Exhaust, even though I am not aware of actual "dyno runs", I would have to assume this bike is the Torque and Horsepower range of about 105 - 115 area. I do know this, it has TONS of acceleration and throttle response from any speed..!!


Finally.., really, can you get a better color than Black for a tricked out Harley Davidson Street Glide? Black is timeless and shows off chrome better than any other color, in my opinion. I can assure you of one thing, you will never have a problem finding buyers for this sweet ride if you should ever decide to sell it..!!


Here is a List of the Major Upgrades and Accessories - this is just a partial list - there are many more...)

  • HD Hammock and Rider Touring Seat - $550
  • HD Smooth Rider Tour Pak Back Rest - $115
  • HD Adjustable Rider Backrest Mounting Kit - $220
  • HD Smooth King Tour Pak Back Rest Pad - $220
  • HD Tour Pak Lock Kit - $25
  • HD Detachable Two-up Mounting Bracket - $200
  • HD King Tour Pak - $750
  • HD Detachable Sissy Bar Standard Upright - $195
  • HD Midsized Passenger Back Rest Pad - $120
  • HD Boom! Audio AM/FM Hidden Antenna - $70
  • HD Air Wing Tour Pak Luggage Rack - $200
  • HD Clutch & Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit - $400
  • HD Chrome & Rubber Hand Grips - $90
  • HD Chrome Hand Control Lever Kit - $140
  • HD Chrome Switch Cap Kit - $33
  • HD Bar & Shield Radio Face Plate Kit - $17
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Kit - $150
  • HD Chrome Switch Panel Accent Cover - $55
  • HD Chrome Script License Plate Frame - $27
  • HD Daymaker Projector LED Headlamp - $600
  • HD Visor Style Headlamp Trim Ring - $45
  • HD Front Turn Signal Visor Style Trim Ring Kit - $37
  • HD Rear Turn Signal Visor Style Trim Ring Kit - $37
  • HD Chrome Inner Primary Cover Trim - $150
  • HD Chrome Lifter Block Cover - $65
  • HD Chrome Cylinder Base - $70
  • HD Chrome Headbolt Bridge Covers - $65
  • HD Boom! Audio Custom Touring - $1706
  • HD Boom! Audio Amplifier Kit (Fairing) - $600
  • HD Boom! Audio Saddle Bag Speaker Kit - $400
  • HD Boom! Speaker 1 in. Tweeter (2) - $140
  • HD Chrome Brake Rotor Hardware Kit - $40
  • HD 4-Point Docking Hardware Kit - $170
  • HD Complete Chrome Front End Kit - $570
  • HD Heavy Breather Air Cleaner Kit - $350
  • HD Heavy Breather Gloss Black Filter Cover- $170
  • HD Chrome Billet Style Heel/Toe Shifter Lever - $155
  • HD Chrome Billet Style Rear Brake Lever - $175
  • HD Slotted Black Anodized Gear Shift Linkage - $130
  • HD Streamliner Footboard & Mount Kit - $390
  • HD Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit - $120
  • HD Streamliner Highway Footpeg Kit - $160
  • HD Streamliner Brake Pedal Pad - $60
  • HD Edge Cut Shifter Pegs (2) - $60
  • HD Inner Fairing - Custom Paint to Match - $500
  • HD Fairing Wiring Harness - $290
  • HD Agitator Chrome 18x5 Rear Wheel - $725
  • HD Agitator Chrome 19x3.5 Front Wheel - $725
  • HD Agitator Floating Brake Rotor (RH) - (Front) - $210
  • HD Agitator Floating Brake Rotor (LH) - (Front) - $210
  • HD Dunlop D408F 130/60 B-19 Front Tire - $193
  • HD Dunlop D407 180/55 B-18 Rear Tire - $315
  • HD Mid Frame Air Deflector - $90
  • HD Mid Frame Air Deflector Trim - $60
  • HD Rear Wheel Installation Kit - $80
  • HD Front Wheel Installation Kit - $80
  • HD Wind Splitter Windshield - $165
  • HD Bar & Shield Windshield Trim - $85
  • HD Three Pocket Batwing Fairing Pouch - $115
  • HD Tapered Short Stem Mirror (Left Side) - $40
  • HD Tapered Short Stem Mirror (Right Side) - $40
  • HD Smooth Push Button Console Door Release - $30
  • HD Saddlebag Stretch Bottoms - $1300
  • HD Saddlebag LH Speaker Lid - $220
  • HD Saddlebag RH Speaker Lid - $220
  • HD Saddlebag Speaker LH - (5.25) - $160
  • HD Saddlebag Speaker RH - (5.25) - $160
  • HD Billet Saddlebag Hinge Cover Kit - Edge Cut - $140
  • HD Saddle Bag Travel Paks - $60
  • HD Chrome Oil Cooler Cover Kit - $60
  • HD Slip On Angle Cut Mufflers - $400
  • Vance & Hines Head Pipes (Power Duals) - $700

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AND UPGRADES - $17,000 (Approximate, with Tax and Labor)


MY PRICE: $21,450 (Priced  to sell quickly!)


Note #1: The original owner paid about $19,500 for this motorcycle (with Dealer Prep and Delivery), and spent another approximate $12,500 on it in Parts and Accessories before it even left the showroom, for a Total of $32,000. He also spent about another $1600 on Sales Tax and Registration Fees for a Grand Total of about $33,500..!!


Note #2: There has also been about another $4000 spent on other Upgrades and Accessories since the original owner investment at the Harley Davidson Dealer where it was purchased new.


Note #3: So, therefore there has been a total of $37,500 invested in this super nice Street Glide..!! It really is A REAL LOOKER! People very often comment on what a "great looking Harley Davidson" that is!


Note #4: At the $21,450 I have it priced at, you are purchasing this sweet Street Glide for NEARLY HALF of what was invested it. (You are saving about $16,000 and it is like new yet!) That is the way to purchase a Harley, let the first owner take the big "hit" and you reap the benefits by owning a super nice motorcycle with someone else taking all the depreciation..!!