SORRY - This super-nice 96 HD Bad Boy


Saskatchewan, Canada for $12,750..!!

VERY COOL BAD BOY (with over $10,000 in upgrades..!!)


This bike got its name from exactly what it looks like. A BAD BOY..!! It was personally designed by Willie G. Davidson, and is considered by many to be one of the coolest Softails to own from the mid 90's of all the Harley Davidsons in that era. It just has that "look" with the combination of the nostalgic Springer Front End, the stretched Fork Assembly with the Wire Wheel and Sold Disc Rear Wheel. When you see it rolling down the road, it has a "uniquely bad" appearance, and you won't mistake it for any other bike. The "Bad Boy" simply has a look all its own.


Harley Davidson only built it in 95,96,and just a few in 97 and there were only about 1100 of them TOTAL that were built in 1996. There really are not very many of them around for sale in any condition. This bike has had EXCEPTIONAL care. You can get up close and scrutinize it (which you will be able to do in my pictures), and you will see it looks super nice from front to back.

What's really cool about this bike is the chrome Spike Bolt Covers strategically placed in select areas, the Drag Bars, the very unique Grips with the Integrated Mirrors, the REAL HD Chrome Inner Primary Cover, Chrome Calipers Front and Rear, Flamed Corbin Leather Seat, and many other special upgrade items too numerous to list here.


If you aren't familiar with the Paint Scheme on these Bad Boys, the Blue Scallops on the Tank and Fenders are stock. However, the addition of the very nice "broken line" matching paint accents that have been added to the Front Forks and Rear Swing Arm, and the custom painted-to-match Timer Cover add a very distinctive look to the overall character of the bike and definitely make it stand out from any other "Bad Boy" you will see.


The engine has only about 9,000 miles on it. The owner said he was not certain of the exact components added, other than being told the engine had been rebuilt and upgraded. So, I can't really give you any specifics regarding the engine. The Heavy Breather Air Cleaner Assembly and S&S Shorty E Carb definitely add to the appearance AND performance of the bike. And, this is for certain, I have ridden and owned a LOT of Harleys with EVO Engines and this bike runs way smoother and better than a stock EVO.


This is a VERY nice bike to ride. Whether you are cruising around town or on the open road running at highway speeds, it handles and drives superb.


Here is a list of SOME of the upgrades that have been added:

  • HD Chrome Inner Primary (real - not a bolt on cover) - $300
  • HD Chrome Mirror Disc Belt Drive Pulley - $$400
  • HD Chrome Belt Sprocket Hardware Kit - $30
  • HD Chrome Belt Drive Bolt Set - $30
  • HD Chrome Oil Tank - $300
  • HD Cylinder Base Cover Kit - $55
  • HD License Plate Frame - $25
  • HD Chrome Rear Brake Caliper - $400
  • HD Chrome Front Brake Caliper - $360
  • HD Softail Frame Trim Set - $25
  • HD Swing Arm Pivot Bolt Cover Kit - $33
  • HD Chrome Rear Fender Struts - $350
  • HD Chrome Brake Disc Hardware Kit - $13
  • HD Aluminator Chrome Billet Derby Cover - $75
  • HD Chrome Rear Fender Strut Hardware Kit - $40
  • HD Custom Drag Bars - $260
  • HD Classic Chrome Bolt Cover Kit - $382
  • HD Classic Chrome Headlamp Visor - $20
  • HD Front Turn Signal Trim Ring (Frenched) - $35
  • HD Rear Turn Signal Trim Ring (Frenched) - $35
  • HD Front Turn Signal Relocation Kit - $50
  • HD Leather Tank Panel - $60
  • Kuryakyn License Plate Holder & Light - $120
  • Forcewinder Dominator Air Cleaner Assembly - $387
  • Complete Engine Rebuild - $1900
  • Custom Exhaust Mufflers - $500
  • Custom Painted Timer Cover - $100
  • Custom Paint on Swingarm & Front Forks - $250
  • Oil Pressure Gauge - $55
  • S&S Super E Shorty Carb - $500
  • Custom Grips with Integrated Mirrors - $300
  • Spike Bolt Covers - $340
  • Spike Chrome Forward Controls - $460
  • Corbin Flame Custom Solo Seat - $450
  • Transmission Chrome Surround - $90
  • Chrome Oil Tank Lower Filler Panel - $95
  • Chrome Skull Shifter Rod - $200

TOTAL ACCESSORIES/UPGRADES: $10,000+ (Approximate including Tax and Labor)


MY PRICE: $12,750  (Priced to sell Quickly..!)