$550O+ in Upgrades...Low Miles...Exceptional Condition..!!

97 Heritage Softail Classic


I am very confident you will not find a nicer 97 Heritage Softail For Sale anywhere for the money, than this one! It truly is like new yet!


And.., it has a TON of Upgrades and Accessories to really make this bike stand out in the crowd. And really, how can you beat Black on a Heritage Softail combined with the correct Wire Wheels, all the additional Chrome, and the smooth HD Hard Leather Locking Saddlebag upgrade? This really just has it all going on!


The White Brothers Exhaust with the "removable disc" feature is the final touch that not only adds horsepower and torque to the performance, but sounds awesome! Yes, you can add or remove as many rings as you want to change the sound, but the way it is set up right now is perfect. The very cool thing about this Exhaust is the fact you can't even buy it anymore. So.., it gives the bike a unique look and sound that makes it a "real classic"..!!


This bike was owned by my Business Associate for the last approximate 8 years and always stored in a climate controlled environment. Other than the last 3 years, it has spent it's life in southern California. Since he could easily be called a "work-a-holic", he has ridden the bike very little in the last few years, and that is the only reason it is being sold.


There are very few of these bikes left in the late 90's that are in good condition, let alone one that looks new yet, like this one does. And, the real bonus is the very low miles (only 19,373), in addition to the great upgrades that have been added to this super nice Heritage Softail.


If you are a "classic" Heritage Softail lover from this era, this is definitely a perfect fit for you. And.., like I said earlier, I can't imagine where you would find a cleaner and nicer one..!


Here is just a partial list of the Upgrades and Accessories that have been added to this bike.

  • HD Nostalgic Rider Footboards - $100
  • HD Nostalgic Large Brake Pedal - $45
  • HD Nostalgic Passenger Footboards - $90
  • HD Fuel Enrichment Knob Cover - $30
  • HD Complete Chrome Front End Kit - $570
  • HD Chrome Hand Lever Kit - $140
  • HD Swing Arm Chrome Cover Kit - $70
  • HD Chrome Switch Housing Kit - $150
  • HD Universal Mount Helmet Lock - $28
  • HD Chrome Headbolt Cover Kit - $39
  • HD Locking Leather Rigid Saddlebags - $800
  • HD Chrome Gear Shift Linkage - $90
  • HD Braided Brake Line - $120
  • HD Banjo Bolt Cover - $22
  • HD Chrome Clutch Ferrule Cover - $34
  • HD Layback License Plate Mounting Kit - $50
  • HD Chrome License Plate Cover - $22
  • HD Upgraded Driver's and Passenger Seat - $400
  • HD Classic Chrome Front Axle Covers - $43
  • HD Chrome and Rubber Grips - $90
  • HD Polished Rear Brake Rotor - $150
  • HD Chrome Swingarm Axle Cover - $100
  • HD Sissy Bar and Pad - $275
  • HD Chrome Sprocket Cover - $54
  • HD Chrome Lower Belt Guard - $95
  • HD Chrome Starter Cover - $40
  • HD Chrome Engine Transmission Interface Cover - $100
  • HD Bar & Shield Rear Fender Tip Lens Kit - $30
  • Lindby Custom Front Linbar Engine Guard/Hiway Peg Combo - $370
  • White Brothers "Removable Disc" Exhaust - $700

TOTAL ACCESSORIES & UPGRADES - $5500+(Approximate with Tax & Labor)


MY PRICE: - was $10,950