SORRY - This super-nice 10 Mercedes C-300


Wayne, NE for $12,750..!!

One-Owner... Southern Car... Super Clean...

10 Mercedes Benz C-300


This is a VERY NICE one-owner C-300 with the Sport Package. This Sedan was purchased new in the southern portion of the U.S. The owner recently relocated to the Midwest and traded it to the local Mercedes Benz Dealership on a new vehicle. So.., it has not spent it's life in the northern section of the U.S., and therefore it has not been in a salty, winter environment, which is always a nice thing to know.


I am well acquainted with the Mercedes Dealership, and was looking for a very nice C-Class Mercedes to drive for myself. Since the car was in superb condition and nicely equipped, I purchased it and have really enjoyed driving it for about a year now. (This is one of the most fun-to-drive mid-size cars I have owned.) It handles like a "go-cart". Very quick! And, has tons of torque and acceleration. It is also VERY quiet on the road. I personally think this year C-300 is far better looking than the later year models as well. I think the styling and the body lines are much more attractive.


Recently, my wife and I found out a third grandchild was coming into the picture, so we decided to go with a different vehicle choice, so we could transport more grandchildren, so I am selling both this car and the one my wife was driving as well, which is a VERY NICE 08 E-350 Mercedes. (I have that vehicle for sale on my website as well, if you are interested.)


If you are looking for a VERY FUN car to drive, and don't want to spend a fortune and still have the Mercedes Benz craftsmanship, styling and engineering, this would make a GREAT car for you. It has been a pure pleasure driving it for about a year and I will really miss it when it is sold!


Finally, with only 72,000 miles, this great Mercedes Benz is "hardly broken in yet"! As I'm sure you know, if you take care of and service a Mercedes properly, it is not uncommon to see 250,000+ miles on them and still driving and running like new.


MY PRICE: Was $15,950, Now $14,950

(Just reduced $1000 to sell quickly..!!)