SORRY - This super-nice 10 Mercedes GLK-350


Saginaw, MN for $16,950..!!

Great Color Combo...Superb Condition...Very Sharp..!!



10 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 4-Matic


This is a very nice Mercedes that was purchased brand new by the GM of the local Mercedes Dealership for his daughter, so it has been serviced at the same Dealership its entire life, and consequently had consistent servicing and great care.


I purchased this great Sport Utility for my wife, who drove it for about 8 months. We then purchased a 6 Passenger Mercedes because we had an additional grandchild come into our life, and needed a vehicle with more seating capacity.


My wife absolutely LOVED this vehicle. I had a very hard time getting it back from her, but we couldn't justify keeping both vehicles. She far preferred driving this very nice GLK over the replacement R-350 I purchased, but we just simply needed the 6 Passenger capability.


I can tell you this. I have owned and driven a LOT of Sport Utilities of every make and model imaginable, and I can emphatically say this is the most comfortable, predictable, best riding, driving and handling of them all in this category. Period! And, it has tons of power! I was really amazed with the instant acceleration and torque it has.


Mercedes Benz really engineered this fine GLK 350 Sport Utility correctly. It also is VERY quiet and has a very COMFORTABLE ride as well. Well, I mean, it is a Mercedes after all and expected to perform above average, but still, it really does excel in every aspect. The thing I like the best is the "predictability" aspect it has. Everything works like you expect it to. No learning curves here! You just hop in, buckle up and go. It performs flawlessly, with no "have to get used to" items to deal with. It is a truly pleasurable experience for both operator and passenger(s), whether you are driving around town or on a long trip.


Whether you are a man or woman looking for the perfect Sport Ute, you will love this vehicle. And guys, if you are wanting to score a home run with your significant other, buy her this. She will LOVE you for it. She will be so happy with it, that you might get that "toy" you had been wanting for a while but was having a hard time talking her into it. This may be the solution! Good Luck!


Some Features of this FINE RIDE..!!...

  • Type: Five-passenger, All-wheel Drive SUV
  • Engine: 3.5-liter V-6 - 268 Horsepower, 258 Torque
  • EPA gas mileage: 16 mpg city / 21 mpg highway
  • Safety: Excellent. Six air bags, Electronic Stability and Traction control.
  • Interior: Excellent. Interior provides all of the comforts you'd expect in a Mercedes.
  • Exterior: Excellent. Crisp lines and boxy looks give the GLK350 a diminutive truck look.
  • And.., the list goes on and on...


MY PRICE: Was $18,950, Now $16,950

(Just reduced $2500 - very motivated to sell..!!)