One-Of-A-Kind - Excellent Condition - Tons of Fun..!!

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This very unique motorcycle / sidecar combination is in excellent condition..!!


The Honda CB 900 Custom has only 11,300 miles on it. And, the California Sidecar was custom painted to match the motorcycle.


As you can see, there are MANY very cool upgrades and accessories that have been added to both the motorcycle and the sidecar.


Here is a PARTIAL list of the upgrades:



* Recent New Tires On Motorcycle (Very Low Miles)

* Tour Pak (Custom Painted To Match Motorcycle)

* Luggage Rack On Tour Pak

* Adjustable Backrest (Adapts For Passenger Or Driver)

* National Cycle Plexifairing-3 Windshield

* Lighted License Plate Cover

* And much more…



* Custom Painted To Match Motorcycle

* Full Custom Snap Tonneau Cover

* Removable Plastic Side Windows

* Chrome Luggage Rack

* Custom Aluminum Wheel

* Custom Passenger Step

* Chrome Body Surround Trim

* And much more…


With the power that the Honda CB 900 Custom has from the factory, and the fact this motorcycle is in excellent condition and runs like new yet, this motorcycle/sidecar combination is a real blast to drive and ride in as well.


You will have PLENTY OF POWER to take a passenger on the motorcycle and in the sidecar as well! (Some people really enjoy taking their dogs in sidecar combos, so if you are a dog lover and have a “special friend”, you can probably imagine how much fun your pooch would have riding in it with you!)


And if you have grandkids, can you imagine how popular you will be with them??!! My grandkids have always LOVED riding in a sidecar.


You will always get A LOT of looks when you drive this combo as well! The colors really “pop” in the sun, and the custom painted Tour Pak and California Sidecar are painted very professionally to match the motorcycle.


MY PRICE: $8900







The red trailer that is shown in the some of the photos with the motorcycle/sidecar loaded on, was custom built to haul the combination. Take note that there is room to haul a second motorcycle on the trailer as well.


It is in excellent condition and built very well.


It has a roller jack installed on it which is very handy, since the loaded trailer is very easy to push around by hand if you want to do so.


Some Features on the Trailer:

* Winch (Makes The Trailer Very Useful For Other Purposes) 

* Large Full Body Wide Loading Ramp For Easy Loading

* LED Lighting For Maximum Visibility And Efficiency

* Roller Swivel Jack For Easy Movement When In Storage

* Wide Wheel / Tire Combination For Better Road Stability

* Matching Spare Tire And Wheel Mounted On Hitch

* Convenient Chocks For Both Motorcycles And Sidecar

* And Many More Features…


MY PRICE: $2800




MY PRICE: $8,900 (Motorcycle and Sidecar Combo)

MY PRICE: $2,800 (Custom Built Trailer)


INDIVIDUAL PRICING TOTAL: $11,700 (If bought separately...)


PACKAGE DEAL PRICE: $11,200 (Save $500..!!)