SORRY - This super-nice Ironhorse Trailer has

ALREADY SOLD to: Yankton, SD for $4950..!!

Super Lightweight and Aerodynamic - A New One is $9500..!!



Note: Have now sold the 04 SSR, so the two

 are no longer available as a

 "package deal"!!


 (Now showing SSR only for illustration purposes..!!)


In many ways, this is simply the ULTIMATE trailer to haul your bikes in. For starters, it only weighs about a 1000#'s which means you can pick the tonque up by yourself very easily and move it around to hook up and/or reposition it when you are storing the trailer. (You can do this with no assistance from anyone, which of course is VERY handy..!!)


The other thing that is so cool about it, is because of the weight it can be pulled by a small car, (like a VW Beatle for example), and/or any compact Sport Utility vehicles or Pickups as well. In fact I am not aware of any vehicle that wouldn't be capable of pulling this trailer. (That's a huge advantage, since you normally need a full size truck to pull/transport your motorcycles in a trailer.)


Also because it so lightweight and aerodynamic you hardly know it's back there, since it pulls so "cleanly". This translates into far better fuel mileage AND obviously more flexibility regarding the type of vehicle you can pull it with.


Here are some of the TRAILER HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Roll on/roll off self locking Chocks
  • Easily load and haul two full size bikes
  • Interior light for night visibility
  • Aerodynamic styling
  • Great fuel economy
  • Drop down stabilizer jacks
  • Load & unload unhooked
  • Low platform for easy loading & unloading
  • Front rolling jack – move the trailer easily by hand
  • Low profile – fits easily in most garages
  • Torsion axle suspension – premium ride
  • Fully finished interior – great looks & easy to clean
  • Very unique look - sets you apart from the crowd


Note: A 2010 Model equipped like this trailer with the chocks, chrome wheel, matching spare tire and wheel, and the diamond plate strips on the floor and access door, would be in the $9500 range.


And, the changes are very minor - the trailers are essentially the same and look pretty much identical simply because the design has been so well recieved that there was no need to do significant changes. About the only changes were some minor upgrades in some interior finish choices.


With an overall length of about 15'4", a heighth of about 6'6" and a load carrying capacity of about 2450 lbs, you can see why this trailer is so desirable. (That means you can easily park it in nearly any normal garage, and have plenty of room to shut the door.) In fact it makes a great place to store your motorcycle in during the off-riding season, since it will keep the bike clean AND out of harms way. And with it's light weight, and roller style hitch, you can even move it around with the bike in it if you need to without even hitching up to it. Now that's very convenient..!!


So.., grab yourself this cool Ironhorse Trailer for about half what a new one costs and gain the ability to pull with almost no wind drag, much better fuel mileage and with about any vehicle you can imagine. (No need to have a full size pickup or Sport-Ute..!) Hook it up to about anything, load your bike and head out to your destination in style and economy. How can you beat that combo..??!!


My Price: $4950.00 (Priced to sell quickly..!!)




SOLD FOR: $4950