SORRY - This super-nice 07 N-Line Motorcycle Trailer

 Pull-Behind has ALREADY SOLD

 for $2,650..!!

Pulls Fantastic...Follows the same tire line as your bike

- Lot's of Luggage Space..!!


(Note: This trailer was purchased Brand New and never used...)


  • LED lights
  • Interior carpet in box
  • 11 cu ft. capacity
  • High gloss gel-coat finish in black or white
  • Chrome receiver for standard 1 1/4 inch receiver hitch
  • Adapter for ball type hitches
  • All stainless and chrome hardware
  • Locking lid with weather seal
  • Lid safety catch
  • Sealed bearings throughout
  • 4 wire trailer connector
  • Powder coated frame
  • Adjustable rear shock (Coil over shock)
  • Gas lid shock
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Wiring and hitch installation

  • Overall Length - 78"
  • Overall Width - 30"
  • Overall Height - 27"

  • Harley Davidson FLH Hitch - Chrome - $330
  • Interior Organizer - $90.00
  • Interior Lid Carpet - $90.00
  • Front Protective Bra - $90.00
  • Tongue Stand - $60.00
  • Harley Davidson Wiring Harness - $50.00

    TOTAL OPTIONS: $710.00 (Base Price - $2750)


**The N-LINE Trailer stays N-LINE with your bike allowing bike and trailer to become "one machine" that leans into a curve the way it was intended, without compromising performance!!


**It follows near the exact tire path of your bike. Swerve to miss an obstacle on the road and your trailer misses it also!! The N-LINE lets you ride as aggressively as you want, and is big enough to haul most all the camping gear for two people.





...I bought my N-Line in 2000 or 2001. I have pulled it about 80,000 or 90,000 miles. The original tire is still in place and the tire looks as good as the day I bought the trailer except the rubber is starting to show some weather checking between the tread. I guess I'll have to replace it this winter.


...I personally don't own an N Line, but 2 riding buddies do. They pull them behind HD touring bikes and LOVE them!!


...I own a N-Line and love it my wife and I can pack a week or more of clothes, jackets, breathing machine and still have room for more. I love it have pulled mine over 10,000 miles and still on the same tire.


...Have pulled an N-line thousands of miles behind a Valkyrie Interstate and then a Goldwing. Sold it when I bought a trike. Never had a problem or complaint with the trailer. Most of my favorite trips were in the mountains 2 up and pulling the trailer. Speed was never a problem. The width of the N-line is complimentary to the Goldwing and does not seem to increase the wind drag. Saw little or no difference in gas mileage with the trailer. It was a delight to pull and always attracted attention and questions. Great trailer!


...With its single "in line" wheel design, you can ride as aggressive as you want and you will NOT even know you have a trailer behind you. One advantage it has over a 2 wheel trailer is that if you have to dodge a pothole or other road debris, your trailer tire tracks the same line as your bike tires and you don't need to worry about the trailer tire hitting what you just swerved to avoid. The trailer is the same width as the bike with side bags so maneuvering is also a breeze. Plus it just looks sweet!


MY PRICE: $2850.00 (Priced Cheap to sell quickly..!!)