SORRY - This super-nice 65 Mustang Coupe


Moultrie, Georgia for $18,500..!!

Super nice and clean - "The Perfect Driver"..!!


65 Mustang Coupe


This great looking 65 Mustang Coupe is originally from Arizona and therefore never been a rusty car. Within the last few years, it's had a significant amount of restoration work done to freshen it up and bring it back to a new car appearance again. Since many of the parts were still in excellent condition, only the items that showed deterioration were updated and/or purchased new and replaced.


To the former owner's best knowledge, it maintains the original 289 in the car, which during the restoration had a thorough inspection completed. Some Head Work was done, but otherwise the Engine was in excellent condition and did not need rebuilding. The Transmission and Differential were also inspected and determined to be in normal working order. It also had a recent Front End Alignment. The A/C has recently been upgraded to R-134-A and some seals replaced in various areas in the Powertrain.


Since the Drivetrain was is in excellent condition after having been inspected and upgraded, the remaining items that were refurbished or replaced were mostly cosmetic in nature. These include paint, interior trim pieces, miscellaneous chrome, carpet, and other items, that age just tends to deteriorate over time, even if the car has been very well cared for. There are in fact, still some body and chrome parts that ARE original on the car, simply because they are in acceptable condition yet. (That of course, is a testament to the care this very nice 65 Mustang has had throughout the years.)


Of course anyone that knows Mustangs from this era understands that Air Conditioning was an uncommon option to see, and also most of these cars had a Manual Transmission with the 6 Cylinder combination and many also had NO Power Steering which this car DOES have. So.., obviously this car is unusally well equipped. The combination of the Automatic, Air Conditioning, Power Steering and the 289 V8, combine to make this a very nicely optioned car AND an excellent and enjoyable "driver"..!


Here are the Main Features of this very nice Mustang...

  • Original Arizona car (not rusty)
  • Automatic
  • Power Steering
  • Factory 289 V8 (original engine)
  • Bucket Seats
  • Engine Nicely Detailed
  • All New Mats and Covers in Trunk
  • Interior either Restored or in Excellent Condition
  • Engine Runs Great
  • Transmission Shifts Properly and Smoothly

Here is a partial list of some of the other items that were refurbished and/or replaced:

  • New Exterior Paint
  • New Bumpers
  • New Grille
  • New Exterior Chrome Emblems (some)
  • New Weather Stripping
  • New Dash Pad
  • New Instrument Panel Surround
  • New Door Sill Plates
  • New Interior Door Panels
  • New Seat Covers
  • New Carpet
  • New "Mustang Logo" Floor Mats
  • New Headliner
  • New Package Tray
  • New Interior Window Cranks
  • New Interior Door Handles
  • New Complete Exhaust System
  • New Tires
  • Recently Refurbished Air Conditioning (R-134-A)

Note #1: Finally, whether you use this very nice Mustang as a very cool retro daily commuter, decide to take it to Car Shows, or drive only occasionally when you have the "perfect weather", you will certainly have fun and enjoy it, because it will perform just fine in any of those scenarios.


Note #2: It is very difficult to find 65 Mustangs of this caliber UNDER $20,000 anymore (especially with this car's options), that have not been raced, modified, customized and/or improperly cared for and are consequently no longer close to being original.


This Pony, however, IS a clean, very nice, essentially original car that you will be able to drive and enjoy and/or just add to your collection as a very good representation of the 65 Mustang Coupe. Whatever your plans are, this Mustang will be a "ton of fun", and if maintained properly should be a great investment, simply because of its great condition and originality.

WAS $19,950...

NEW PRICE: $18,950 (Just dropped price $1000..!!)


ALREADY SOLD TO: Moultrie, Georgia

SOLD FOR: $18,500