SORRY - This super-nice 95 Mustang GT


Bettendorf, Iowa for $20,700..!!

$45,000+ Invested - Won many trophies - Super Nice..!!

95 Mustang GT Customized


This is one VERY COOL 95 Mustang GT that has been customized, but done so with taste and style. When this GT is first viewed in person, the most common response is simply this. "Wow, I love that car and that color..!!" And.., the interesting thing is, that seems to be about the same comment from nearly every age group. (From teens to baby-boomers.) I really am not kidding you - it happens all the time.!!


The great choice of color (350-Z Daytona Blue), really stands out and seems to have a "glow" to it, that's kind of hard to even describe. You really have to see it in person to understand what I mean. Yes, it is a Metallic paint, but somehow the mixture of color shades just seems to be the perfect combination of hues!


This extremely nice Mustang GT had a complete restoration and customization a few years ago, and since then has been driven only in nice weather, and entered in MANY car shows (including the annual Sturgis, SD Mustang Rally where it won First Place.) It also won numerous other awards, including additional First Places.


When you combine a rust-free Body, a 347 Stroker Motor (built by a Race/Custom Engine Builder in Chicago with 10/1/2:1 Compression Ratio), a set of Edelbrock II Performer Heads, a BBK High Volume Oil Pump, a Cold Air Induction System, & Shorty Headers, the Flowmaster Exhaust & Aluminum Drive Shaft, the Centerforce Clutch, the Hypertech Coil, the Posi 373 Gears, the Trick Flow Fuel Injection Manifold, Throttle Body Adapter, Plenum, Heat Spacer Kit, Oil Fill Kit, and matching Trick Flow Valve Covers, the KYB Adjustable Shocks, you can plainly see this VERY cool GT Mustang was built to not only look great but get-on-down-the-road in a very quick manner as well..!!


From the Daytona Blue Paint, the Cervini Cowl Hood and Xenon Body Kit Parts, the Billet Grille, to the AFS Bullit Wheels and the Bredestein Ultrac Sessantra Tires, this great looking Mustang GT definitely commands attention. The Custom Leather Color Matched Interior, along with the New Carpet and the Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel blend very well with the color choice.


Check out the in-dash JVC DVD Player which is complemented by Boston Acoustic Speakers in the Package Tray and Doors. Combine them with the Alpine Type R Sub-woofers behind the rear seat, the custom mounted dual chrome Audiovox Amps, Capacitor and matching Chrome Fire Extinguisher, and the additional DVD Player in the trunk and it's very clear that this Mustang not only has "serious sound", but looks damn good as well..!! Of course the really fun part is sitting on your folding chair behind the trunk at the car shows, while you are watching some entertainment on the DVD Player, as the various people / admirers are walking around soaking everything in and wishing they owned the car instead of you!


Here is a short breakdown of how this GT was purchased in stock form, and then turned into the "show car" it is today...


  • Rust Free Stock Body: purchased, then stripped and prepped for paint - $10,000
  • Professional Paint Job: including under hood, door jambs, trunk jambs, engine compartment, trunk and interior - $5000
  • Xenon Body Kit Parts: front & rear bumpers and lower body side moldings - $1000
  • Cervini Cowl Induction Hood: (needed additional room for Hi-Perf Fuel Injection) - $700
  • Modern Billet Grille Combo: upper and lower billet replacement grilles - $135
  • Vredestein Ultrac Sessantra 18" Tires: Guigiaro Design (130 mph Rated) - $1100
  • AFS Chrome Bullitt 18" Wheels: with Ford Center Cap Inserts - $900
  • PMP Vertical Doors: Direct bolt-on "Lambo" hinges - $1700
  • Custom Tail Light Assembly Kit: Late Model Restoration.com - $320
  • KYB Adjustable Shocks: adjustable for a wide variation of ride selection - $400
  • 347 Stroker Motor: 302 block (stroked), and built by Race/Performance Shop - $8000
  • Edelbrock II Performer Heads: high performance output - $1500
  • Aluminum Drive Shaft: lighter / high performance - $450
  • Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch: high performance Clutch Cover and Disc - $461
  • BBK Shorty Headers: steel, ceramic coated - $330
  • Flowmaster Series 40 Exhaust: with Catalytic removed (superb sound) - $900
  • Short Throw Shifter: Competition Shifter for quicker shifting - $200
  • Posi 373 Rear End Gears: set up perfect for both town and road driving - $175
  • Summit Mass Air Flow Sensors: performance Air Flow set-up - $242
  • Hypertech Coil: high performance - $53
  • Extreme Heat Spiral Plug Wires: custom fit high performance - $58
  • Goodyear High Miler Hose Kit: performance Hose Kit - $110
  • BBK High Volume Fuel Pump: performance Electric Fuel Pump - $140
  • Racing High Flow Fuel Injectors: better performance - $320
  • BBK Cold Air Induction System: chrome tubes etc. - $200
  • Sub-Frame Connector: more body stability - $100
  • Trick Flow Manifold: high performance - $280
  • Trick Flow Throttle Body Adapter: matches rest of system - $110
  • Trick Flow Plenum: high performance - $320
  • Trick Flow Heat Spacer Kit: for Trick Flow System - $70
  • Trick Flow Cast Aluminum Valve Covers: matches Trick Flow intake - $140
  • Trick Flow Billet Oil Fill Kit: matches Trick Flow system - $50
  • Trick Flow Heat Spacer Kit: used in Trick Flow system - $90
  • Trick Flow Engine Gasket Set: high performance Gaskets - $98
  • Custom Leather Seats: Color matched insert to match Paint Color - $1300
  • New Deluxe Carpet: brand new Carpet kit - $225
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel: Custom wrapped with Leather - $125
  • JVC DVD Player: in Dash - *see Total below...
  • Audiobahn DVD Player: in Trunk- *see Total below...
  • Boston Acoustic Speakers: in Package Tray and Door - *see Total below...
  • Alpine Type Sub-R Woofers: installed behind fold-down Rear Seat - *see Total below...
  • Audiobahn Amps (2): one for inside Stereo and one for Sub-Woofers - *see Total below...
  • Audiobahn Capacitor: necessary for sound System - *see Total below...
  • Custom Amp Display Structure: in Trunk - *see Total below...
  • Sound System Total Cost: in entire car - about $3500 TOTAL

TOTAL ACCESSORIES/CUSTOMIZING COST: $45,000+ (Approximate, including Tax and Labor.)


Note: You are saving about $23,000 and buying this super cool Mustang GT for approximately 1/2 of the original investment, and it is still in LIKE NEW condition..!


That's a smokin' Deal..!!


MY PRICE: $21,950 (Priced to sell quickly..!!)