(about Buying Sight Unseen...)


  • OVER 95% of my sales are purchases from customers who buy sight unseen with Bank to Bank Wire Transfers.
  • I have the Procedures and Documents in place to make your purchase easy and comfortable without YOU having to physically be here to see your new purchase.
  • Ron's Rad Rides is GEARED towards INTERNET BASED purchases and you will quickly see when you look at the very detailed PICTURES and DESCRIPTIONS of my vehicles why the majority of my customers buy from me SIGHT UNSEEN.
  • I also have the SHIPPING CONNECTIONS to deliver your new vehicle or motorcycle to you in a timely, reasonable and customer friendly manner.  The shippers I use have a many year history with me and I know how they are going to treat both you as a customer and your new purchase, simply because they have a long track record with me.



Here's how it works...


Once you have decided to purchase your new "Ride", and given me the pertinent information, I send you an email with the following Documents attached as (2) separate items, so you can easily print them out separately and have for your file.

  • E-BILL OF SALE - This Document contains all of the pertinent information for the vehicle such as: Year, Vin#, Description, Miles, Purchase Price, and any other Special Circumstances surrounding the sale.  This Document also contains your name and address exactly as you want it to appear on your Titling Documents, along with the name and address of my Dealership.
  • WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS - This Document contains the Bank to Bank Wire Transfer Instructions needed to complete the payment to my Dealership Business Account. (All you do is print this out separately from the email it is attached to, take it to your bank and hand it to the person doing the Wire Transfer for you.)  It contains all of the information the bank will need to complete the transfer.  It's that easy!
Once I see the funds showing in my account, I call or email you, (depending on your preference), and inform you that your new purchase is now paid for..!! (I then immediately schedule the shipping for you.)
Note:  Normally, once you have initiated the Wire Transfer at your bank, the funds will show in my account within 24 hours, however if it is not completed until in the afternoon, it may take 48 hours to show in my account.  (The Federal Reserve Bank that handles these transactions has a "cut-off" time fairly early in the afternoon, and if the transfer is not done by that time, it isn't transferred until the following business day.)
Within a short amount of time, I then mail you the actual "hard-copy" Documents required by the State of South Dakota for a Dealership Vehicle Sale which include the following items:
  • Vehicle Title - Your actual Title that proves you now own the vehicle.
  • Purchase Order - This is a three part form which is the final Bill of Sale.
  • Buyer's Guide - Required for every vehicle sold in the U.S. by a Dealership.
  • Odometer Statement - This shows the current miles of the vehicle and states whether they are actual or not.  It also lists your name and address and the name and address of my Dealership.
Note #1:  I send these items Certified/Return/Receipt by the U.S. Postal Service.  When it arrives it will require a "recieved signature" by you or your representative, on an attached small card which is then mailed back to me by the Postal Service.  (This is proof that you received your title safely.)
Note #2:  In addition to the Document Forms listed above, I include a SASE and a "Signing Instructions" Letter that explains where to sign on the Documents.  Once you have signed the Documents in their proper places, you just slip my copies of the Documents back in the SASE and drop in the mail, and take your Documents and Title to your local DMV and get the title switched to your name.  See how easy this is..!!
For further questions about this process.., please feel free to reach me by clicking on the link below.  (My contact information is listed there.)  Thank you!!